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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 73

Sphenœacus caudatus, sp. nov

Sphenœacus caudatus, sp. nov.

♂ ad. similis S. punctata, sed paullo major: ubique lætius fulvescens, plumis vix ita distincte medialiter lineatis: pectore etiam minus distincte maculato: remigibus rectricibusque ochrascenti-fulvis; caudâ minus acuminatâ, scapis plumarum haud nudis, sed ad ipsum plumiferis. Long, alæ 2.65, caudæ 3.5, rostri 0.5, tarsi 0.85.

♀ mari similis.

Hab. Inss. Snares, maris Novi-Zelandici.

This is the Sphenæacus fulvus of my "Birds of New Zealand" (2nd ed., vol. ii., p. 61). The specimens therein referred to as having come from the South, without any locality being assigned, must, I now feel assured, have come from the Snares. They reached me through dealers, and it is almost impossible in such cases to get reliable particulars of the kind.