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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 73

Œstrelata nigripennis, Rothschild; Ibis, vol. v., 1893, p. 573

Œstrelata nigripennis, Rothschild; Ibis, vol. v., 1893, p. 573.

A third new species pointed out by Mr. Salvin in Mr. Walter Rothschild's beautiful collection of Petrels at Tring, and named as above, comes from the Kermadec Islands. "This species belongs to the Œ. cooki (Gray) section of the genus Œstrelata, of which Œ. defilippiana is also a member. It differs from all its congeners in having a short, stout, wide bill, and in the almost total absence of white on the inner webs of the outer primary beneath; the under wing-coverts, with the exception of a rather wide margin, being white, as well as the axillary feathers."

I do not know what authority Professor Hutton had for the following reference to me in his recent communication to the Zoological Society (Proc. Z.S., 1893, p. 750), of which he has kindly sent me a copy: "Œstrelata nigripennis, Rothschild (1893) = Œ. cooki, Cheeseman (fide Buller), Trans. N.Z. Inst., vol. xxiii., p. 224; not of Gray." I am not aware that I ever saw Mr. Cheeseman's specimen; and there is certainly no warrant for this statement in that gentleman's paper (op. cit.) on the Kermadec Petrels. Where Mr. Cheeseman sought my assistance in identifying his specimens he has mentioned the fact.