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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 73

Nestor meridionalis, Gmelin. (Kaka.)

Nestor meridionalis, Gmelin. (Kaka.)

This fine parrot is far less plentiful than it formerly was, and this is the inevitable result of settlement and the consequent destruction of the forests. In districts where formerly it existed in thousands its scream is never heard, and to many of the new settlers the bird is quite unknown. It is semi-nocturnal in its habits, and towards evening becomes very animated, flying over the tree-tops in an excited manner, generally in parties of three, uttering its harsh scream. This changes to a soft musical whistle as the birds alight; and, in doing this, they always select, as a post of observation, the page 112 withered top of some aged tree, always climbing to the highest limbs, their progression being by a succession of short hops.