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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 72

How to Nationalise Ground-Rent — Introduce the Single Tax

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How to Nationalise Ground-Rent

Introduce the Single Tax

The Proposal is to buy the future right to charge very owner with ground-rent.

This would not be buying Land and nationalising it.

It would be purchasing the right to levy Ground Rent in order to nationalise that.

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The Special Facilities for the Use of which


is the payment, are created, maintained, and continually increased by the community. The

Privilege of Enjoying

these ever-growing advantages in the future, without an equivalent annual payment, has, since the Colony's infancy, when it was of little value,

Been Sold to Freeholders.

These may sell or bequeath their privilege, at its increased value, to other owners, or rent it to landless people. Thus, to quote the words of John Stuart Mill, "an accession of wealth created by circumstances"—has been allowed to—" become

An Unearned Appendage

to the riches of a particular class." This pamphlet proposes to show

How to Nationalise all Existing and Future Ground-Rent and Introduce

The Single Tax

As the Only Public Revenue

By State Purchase

of the present custom, by which

All Landowners Hold Land Rent Free.

It is proposed to effect this by the issue to all freeholders and mortgagees of

Transferable and Redeemable Debentures,

bearing an annual interest equal to their present estimated ground-rent.

Our Motto is

"Community-created values for community pui poses; individually-created values for individual possession."