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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 72

Annual Reports. — Dunedin Branch

page 10

Annual Reports.

Dunedin Branch.


  • President, Jas. Jeffery, Esq.;
  • Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. J. A. Johnson, M.A.;
  • Representative on Committee of Management, Mr. W. A. Paterson.

Your committee has the honour to present the annual report for the year 1893-94.

Seven meetings have been held on the first Saturday of each month from August 5, 1893, to May 5, 1894, inclusive. At the annual meeting Mr James Jeffery was elected president and Mr J. A. Johnson hon. secretary. The subjects discussed were:—
  • 1893 August 5—"The Lantern as an Aid to Primary Instruction" Mr. James Jeffery.
  • Septem. 2—"A Scheme of Spelling arranged to meet the Standard Requirements" Mr. C. Mahoney.
  • October 7—"Greek Views on Education" Professor Salmond, D.D.
  • Novem. 4—"Wasted Energies" Mr. O. J. Hodge.
  • 1894 March 3—"The Place of Literature in Education" Mr. J. Garrow.
  • April 7—Discussion on the Recommendations made at the Inspectors' Conference, January, 1894.
  • May 5—"The State versus the Parent; or the Limits of National Education" Dr. Wm. M. Stenhouse.

The Branch has a membership of 48 men and 14 women; total 62. This shows an increase of 16 on the previous year. When asking teachers to support the efforts of the Institute by their presence your committee is often met with the excuse that the members do not represent the teachers. The answer to this has always been that, if it is so, the fault lies with those who hold aloof. Your committee to meet this objection has analysed the list of page 11 members, with the following result:—Headmasters 22, matrons 6, assistants 27, members not in public schools 7. Of the 55 teachers 42 are in the Dunedin and suburban schools; 13 are in the country schools near Dunedin. All the Dunedin and suburban schools are represented in this list, the members being well distributed in this respect.

The average attendance is 18. Only 36 of the members have attended the meetings, and of the 14 ladies only one has. Your committee would recommend to the attention of the members the lack of interest on the part of this section of our members.

Though comparatively few teachers attend the meetings, yet the subjects discussed meet all, to some extent, through the Press. The meetings are always fully reported, and in some cases the papers have been published in full.

The balance sheet presented with this report shows that the debit balance has been reduced by £2 6s 3d.

At the annual meeting the following clause was added to the report:—"That the thanks of the Branch are specially due to the energetic and successful efforts of the secretary for placing the finances of the Branch upon a sounder basis.

List of Members.

  • Miss A. Anderson, High Street School
  • Miss H. Alexander, Forbury School
  • Miss Albert, Kensington School
  • Mr. G. Balsille, Sandymount
  • Mr. J. Ballantyne, Normal School
  • Prof. Black, University
  • Dr. Chilton, Port Chalmers School
  • Miss J. Campbell, Kaikorai School
  • Mr. W. G. Don, Caversham
  • Mr. J. R. Don, Normal School
  • Mr. Wm. Davidson, Waitati
  • Mr. W. Eudey, Kensington
  • Mr. J. A. Fitzgerald, N. E. Valley School
  • Mr. W. S. Fitzgerald, Normal School
  • Miss Fitzgerald, Normal School
  • Mr. R. Fergus, Henley School
  • Mr. J. Garrow, Albany St. School
  • Mr. Wm. Gray, George St. School
  • Mr. R. Huie, Broad Bay School
  • Miss B. Hutton, Forbury School
  • Miss Hooper, Kensington School
  • Mr. O. J. Hodge, Highcliff School
  • Mr. Jas. Horsburgh, George Street
  • Mr James Jeffery, Anderson's Bay School
  • Mr J. A. Johnson, High St. School
  • Mr L. A. Line, Union Street School
  • Miss C. Little, Ravensbourne School
  • Mr. D. McNicoll, George Street School
  • Mr. W. Milne, Caversham School
  • Mr. J. Murray, N. E. Valley School
  • Mr. A. Mathews, Union St. School
  • Mr. W. J. Moore, Kensington School
  • Mr. J. McPhee, George St. School
  • Mr. A. Marshall, Normal School
  • Miss I. McLeod, Walker Street
  • Mr. Jas. Nelson, Saddle Hill School
  • Miss E. Nimmo, High Street School
  • Mr. W. A. Paterson, Wakari School Dunedin.
  • Mr. J. Reid, Ravensbourne School
  • Mr. J. R. Rutherford, Kensington School
  • Mr. Jas. Robertson, High Street Schoolpage 12
  • Miss Renfrew, Ravensbourne School
  • Mr. Jas. Rennie, Caversham School
  • Mr. A. Stewart, Union St. School
  • Mr. G. L. Stewart, Mornington School
  • Mr. J. Simmers, Junction School, N. E. Valley
  • Mr. J. Southwick, St. Leonards School
  • Miss Sheriff, George Street School
  • Mr. J. Smith, Pine Hill School
  • Mr. G. Simmers, Normal School
  • Mr. A. Sligo, George Street Sir Robert Stout, Princes Street
  • Professor Shand, University
  • Mr. J. Waddell Smith, High Street School
  • Dr. Scott, University
  • Mr. J. S. Tennant, High Street School
  • Mr. A. W. Tyndall, Blue Spur
  • Mr. G. M. Thomson, High School
  • Mr. R. G. Whetter, Forbury School
  • Miss M. M. Walker, Macandrew Road School
  • Miss White, Union Street School
  • Mr. D. White, Normal School
  • Mr. Alex. Wilson, Girls' High School
  • Mr. C. Young, Caversham School

J. A. Johnson, Secretary.