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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 72



Rents should be regulated by the average market value of products. A scale of prices for the staple products should be drawn up, and rents should be fixed at such a standard as could be paid when such prices were obtainable. When prices fell below the scale, or rose above it, rents should rise or fall proportionately. This would be fairer than to fix rents in seasons of prosperity and insist on payment of them in bad seasons, or vice versa. It would be fair for the tenant and for the landlord alike. Both would share in prosperous and bad seasons; there would be no more petitioning for reduction of rents, and peace and contentment would result from it. This should be the basis of any Fair Rents Bill. It is quite capable of being worked, but it is very hard to explain everything in a few words.

J. M. Twomey.