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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 72


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Past and Present Views on Britain's Naval Defences iii.
Preface vii.
The Franco-Russian Friendship xi.
Defence Movements in the Colonies xi.
Lord Salisbury on a Possible Hostile Descent on Cardiff xii.
Unnanounced Entrance of a Russian Warship in Wellington Harbour xii.
Russian Policy of Hostile Cruisers on Trade Routes xiii.
The Great Rusian Cruiser "Rurik" xiii.
Sir George Grey on Russian Policy Twenty Years Ago (foot note) xiii.
Peter the Great and Constantinople—The Hereditary Aim of the Tsars xiii.
Decadence of the Turkish Power xiii.
Pretexts of Potentates for War xiii.
Warlike Movement in Europe xiii.-xiv.
The Navy the Guardian of Britain's Coasts and Commerce xiv.
Story of the "Kaskowiski" at Auckland 15
The Early Cry for an Australian Squadron 21
Some Comical Incidents of the Scare in Auckland 22
The "Noah's Ark" Hoax (foot note) 22
Captain Eardley-Wilmot on Raiding Cruisers, and Australian Defences at King George's Sound, Port Darwin,. Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Tasmania, Auckland and Wellington 24
Sydney, the Portsmouth of the Pacific 24
Defensive Unity of Australasian Colonies—Obsolete Weapons 25
Torpedoes and Submarine Mines 25
The Mother Country and the Colonies 25
List of the Royal Australasian Squadron 26
Colonial Subsidies to the Royal Squadron 26page x
List of the Australian Colonial Navy—New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria 26-27
Naval and Military Forces of the Principal British Colonies 27
Australasia 27
Cape Colony 28
Dominion of Canada 28
Britain's Stake on the Seas—Home and Colonial Commerce 28
Merchant Shipping of the World 28
More Fast Cruisers Wanted 28
The Armies and Navies of Europe 28
The British Army at Home and Abroad 29
Peace and War Forces of Russia, France, Germany, Austria and Italy 29-30
Other European Land Forces 30
Forces of the Nations of the World 30
The British Navy 31
Lord Charles Beresford's Programme 31
Proposed Purchase of the Mediterranean Island of Lemnos 32
Naval Strength of Britain, France and Russia 32
Warships of Other Powers 32
Growth of Torpedo-Boat Forces of the Three Great Powers 33
List of Royal Naval Reserve Merchant Cruisers 33
New Demand for High Speed—S.S. Gothic 33
Permanent and Volunteer Forces of New Zealand 34
Permanent Artillery 34
Submarine Mining Corps 34
Strength of New Zealand Volunteer Forces in the Different Districts 34
Obligations of the British Navy 35
Expenditure for Naval Construction in Britain, France and Russia in 1894 35
Coaling Stations for Warships Protecting Trade Routes 35
Lord Roberts on Sympathetic Relations with the Colonies 35
A Prominent French Statesman Prophecies War—His History 36
Is a General Disarmament Probable? 37
Progress of the New British Warships 37
Condition of French Battle-ships 37