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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 72

Donations to the Library

page 112

Donations to the Library.

Government of the Bahamas
  • Laws, 1893
Government of Barbados
  • Barbados Blue Book, 1892
Government of British Columbia
  • Statutes, 1893
Government of British Guiana
  • Administration Reports, 1891-92
Government of British Honduras
  • Blue Book, 1892
  • Annual Report on Primary Education, 1892
Government of Canada
  • Debates of the House of Commons of the Dominion of Canada, 1893
  • Debates of the Senate, 1891, 1892, 1893
  • Sessional Papers, 1893
  • Journal of the Senate, 1893
  • Census of Canada, 1890-91. Vol. I.
  • Report on Agriculture and Colonisation, 1893
  • British Columbia Fishery Commission Report, 1892
  • Report of Dividends Remaining Unpaid and Unclaimed Balances in Chartered Banks of the Dominion of Canada, 1892
  • Agreement between Canada and France in respect of Customs Tariffs, 1893
  • Reports upon Trade and Trade Openings in Great Britain and Other Countries, 1892
  • Judgment of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in the Manitoba School Case, 1893
  • Canal Statistics, 1892
  • Reports of the Chairman of the Board of Steamboat Inspection 1892
  • Report of the Superintendent of Insurance, 1892
  • Criminal Statistics, 1892
Government of the Cape of Good Hope
  • Statistical Register, 1892
  • Agricultural and Live-stock Returns, 1892-93
  • Map of Cape Colony, 1893
page 113
Government of Ceylon
  • Handbook of the Flora of Ceylon. By Henry Trimen. Part 1, with Plates 1-25, 1893
  • Blue Book, 1892
Government of Fiji
  • Blue Book, 1893
Government of the Gold Coast Colony
  • Blue Book, 1892
  • Report on the Progress and Condition of the Botanical Station at. Aburi, 1893
Government of Grenada
  • Grenada Blue Book, 1892
Government of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Blue Book, 1892
  • Sessional Papers, 1892
Government of Jamaica
  • Departmental Reports, 1891-92
  • Appropriation Accounts, 1892
Government of the Leeward Islands
  • Blue Book, 1892
  • Acts of the General Legislature, 1892
Government of Mauritius
  • Lois de Maurice sur le Notariat. Par L. A. Thibaud. 1893
  • Blue Book, 1892
  • Council of Government Debates, 1893
Government of New South Wales
  • Historical Records of New South Wales. Vol. I. Part 1. Cook: (1762-1780), and Maps, 1893
  • Votes and Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly, 1891-92
  • Journals of the Legislative Council, 1891-92
  • Statutes, 1892-93
  • Parliamentary Debates, 1893
  • Agricultural Gazette, August, 1893
Government of New Zealand
  • Journals and Appendix of the Legislative Council, 1892
  • Journals of the House of Representatives, 1892
  • Budget of the Hon. J. G. Ward (Colonial Treasurer), 1893
  • Parliamentary Papers, 1893
  • Parliamentary Debates, 1893
Government of Ontario, Canada
  • Sessional Papers, 1893
  • Statutes, 1893
page 114
Government of Quebec
  • Journals of the Legislative Assembly, 1893
  • Journals of the Legislative Council, 1893
Government of Queensland
  • Statistics of Queensland, 1892
  • Report of the Registrar-General of the Returns of Agriculture and Live-stock for 1892
  • Parliamentary Debates, 1892
  • Acts of Parliament, 1892
  • Blue Book, 1892
Government of South Australia
  • Parliamentary Papers, 1893
Government of the Straits Settlements
  • Blue Book, 1892
Government of Trinidad
  • Laws of Trinidad, 1853-1882, 1886-1892
Government of Victoria
  • Parliamentary Papers, 1893
  • Parliamentary Debates, 1892-93
Government of Western Australia
  • Votes and Proceedings of the Legislative Council, 1885, 1887,1888, 1889
  • Minutes and Votes and Proceedings of Parliament, 1890-91, 1891-92
  • Parliamentary Debates, 1885-1892
  • Blue Books, 1870 and 1893
  • Census of Western Australia, 1891
  • General Report, with Appendices. By W. A. Gale
Adelaide Observatory, South Australia
  • Meteorological Observations made at the Adelaide Observatory and other Places in South Australia and the Northern Territory during 1884-85; 1893
Agent-General for British Columbia
  • Second Report of the Department of Agriculture of British Columbia 1892
Agent-General for New South Wales
  • Comments on Cook's Log. By the Hon. Philip G. King, 1891
  • Geographical Encyclopædia of New South Wales. By W. Hanson, 1892
  • Wealth and Progress of New South Wales, 1892. By T. A. Coghlan
  • Year Book of Australia, 1892
  • World's Columbian Exposition, 1893: Catalogue of New South Wales Exhibitspage 115
  • Physical Geography and Climate of New South Wales. By H. C. Russell, 1892
  • Sheep and Wool in New South Wales, 1893
  • A Sketch of the Progress and Resources of New South Wales. By Greville Tregarthen, 1893
  • Australian Timbers. By W. H. Warren, 1892
  • Prison System of New South Wales. By George Miller, 1893
  • New South Wales: Statistics, History and Resources, 1893
  • Marine Fish and Fisheries of New South Wales. By Philip Cohen, 1892
  • Notes on the Aborigines of New South Wales. By the Hon. Richard Hill and the Hon. George Thornton, 1892
  • The Rise, Progress and Present Position of Trade and Commerce in New South Wales. By Edward Pulsford, 1892
  • Australia, and America in 1892: a Contrast. By Edward Dowling, 1893
  • New South Wales Municipal Directory, 1893-94
  • Blue Book, 1892
  • Report of Board appointed to inquire into the Prevalence and Prevention of Lead Poisoning at the Broken Hill Silver-Lead Minos, 1893
  • Annual Progress Report of State Forest Administration, 1892
  • Annual Report of the Metropolitan Board of Water Supply and Sewerage, 1892
  • Return showing all Unclaimed Deeds of Lands, Names of Grantees, Dates, Areas, and Situation of such Grants of Land to end of 1891
Agent-General for New Zealand
  • New Zealand Handbook, 1893
  • Amended Regulations for the Formation of Farm Homestead Associations, 1892
  • Amended Regulations for Village Homesteads, 1892
  • Mining Act, 1891, and Regulations made thereunder, 1892
  • The Patents, Designs, and Trade-Marks Act, 1889
  • New Zealand Crown Lands Guide, 1891
  • Emigration Statutes and General Handbook, 1891
  • Statistical Chart showing the Progress and Position of New Zealand, 1889
  • Journal of Commerce and Labour, March-May, 1893
  • Time Table for the New Zealand Government Railways, May, 1893
  • New Zealand Grand Tour, 1891
  • Trout in New Zealand: where to go and how to catch them. By W. H. Spackman, 1892
  • New Zealand's Lone Lands. By R. Carrick, 1892
  • A Romance of Lake Wakatipu. By R. Carrick, 1892
  • The Crown Lands of New Zealand, 1892
  • Hanmer Plains Sanitorium. By A. Ginders, 1891page 116
  • New Zealand, a Trip for Tourists, 1890
  • The Land Laws of New Zealand as enacted by the Land Act, 1892 Compiled by Vincent Pyke, 1893
  • Budget of the Hon. J. G. Ward (Colonial Treasurer), 1893
Agent-General for Queensland
  • Report of the Secretary for Public Instruction, 1892
Archœological Survey of India
  • The Bower Manuscript; Fac-simile Leaves, Nagari Transcript, Romanised Transliteration and English Translation with Notes. Edited by A. F. Rudolf Hoernle. Part 1, 1893
Board of Supervision, Jamaica
  • Annual Report, 1893
Bureau of Mines, Department of Crown Lands, Ontario
  • Report of the Royal Commission on the Mineral Resources of Ontario, and Measures for their Development, 1890
  • Annual Reports of the Bureau of Mines, 1891 and 1892
Chief Weather Bureau, Queensland
  • Standard Weather Charts of Australasia and Surrounding Regions, May-July, 1892
Colonial Office
  • New Zealand University Calendar, 1893-94
  • General Reports of the Emigration Commissioners, 1848, 1850,1860 and 1868
  • New South Wales Government Gazette. Nos. 346, 397 and 409 1889
  • Queensland Government Gazette. Nos. 26 and 27; 1889
  • Index to Queensland Government Gazette. Vols. XLIX. and L.
  • The Canadian Confederation Defended. By (Sir) Charles Tupper, 1868
  • Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria. Vol IX. Part 2, 1869
  • Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute, 1870, 1873-74,1874-75
  • Sierra Leone Royal Gazette. Nos. 250, 252, 254, 255; 1890
Department of Agriculture and Immigration, Winnipeg
  • Report on Crops and Live-stock in Manitoba, August 1893
Department of Labour, New Zealand
  • Journal of Commerce and Labour, July-September 1893
Department of Mines and Agriculture, Sydney
  • Annual Report, 1892
  • Records of the Geological Survey of New South Wales. Vol. Ill Part 3. 1893.
Department of Public Instruction, Queensland
  • Seventeenth Report of the Secretary for Public Instruction for 1892
page 117
Department of State, U.S.A.
  • Consular Reports, April-October 1893
Durban Corporation
  • Mayor's Minute, 1893
Education Department, Cape Town
  • Report of the Superintendent-General of Education, 1892
Geological Survey Department, Canada
  • Catalogue of Section 1 of the Museum of the Geological Survey, embracing the Systematic Collection of Minerals, &c. By G. Christian Hoffmann, 1893
  • Catalogue of a Stratigraphical Collection of Canadian Rocks prepared for the World's Columbian Exposition. By Walter F. Ferrier, 1893
Government Civil Hospital, Hong Kong
  • Annual Report of the Medical Department, 1892
High Commissioner for Canada
  • Statistical Year-Book of Canada, 1892
  • A Travel's le Nord-Ouest Canadien. Par De Bouthillier-Chavigny, 1893
  • Description of the Province of Manitoba. Published under the Authority of the Hon. T. Mayne Daly, 1893
Hong Kong Observatory
  • Observations and Researches made at the Hong Kong Observatory in 1892. By W. Doberck, 1893
Immigration Department, British Guiana
  • Consolidated Half-yearly Returns of Immigrants. December 1892
  • Annual List of Arrivals and Allotments of Immigrants in British Guiana, 1892-93
Mining Department, Melbourne
  • Annual Report of the Secretary for Mines, 1892
Post and Telegraph Department, Queensland
  • Annual Report, 1892
Registrar-General, Tasmania
  • Census of the Colony of Tasmania, 1891. Parts 1-8, with Introduction. Report by the Registrar-General, 1893.
Registrar-General, Trinidad
  • Report on the Vital Statistics, 1892
Secretary of State for the Colonies
  • Agricultural Bulletin of the Malay Peninsula, 1891-93
Secretary of State for India
  • Dictionary of the Economic Products of India. By George Watt, 1889-93. 9 Vols.page 118
  • Selections from the Letters, Despatches, and other State Papers preserved in the Military Department of the Government of India, 1857-58. Edited by George W. Forrest. Vol. I. 1893
  • Census of India, 1891:—Madras; Lower Provinces of Bengal and their Feudatories; Central Provinces and Feudatories
  • Report on the Administration of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, &c., 1891-92
  • A List of Agricultural Implements and Machinery which have been tested in India during 1892
American Colonisation Society, Washington, U.S.A.
  • Memorial of the Semi-Centennial Anniversary of the American Colonisation Society, 1867
  • Annual Report, 1893
  • Bulletins, November 1892-February 1893
American Geographical Society
  • Bulletin, September 1893
Anthropological Institute
  • Index to the Publications of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, 1843-1891. By George W. Bloxham, 1893
  • Journal, August 1893
Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Report of Fourth Meeting held at Hobart, Tasmania, 1892
Australian Museum, Sydney
  • Australian Lepidoptera and their Transformations, by the lata A. W. Scott Edited and revised by H. Forde and A. S. Olliff Vol. II. Part 4, 1893
  • Annual Report of the Trustees of the Australian Museum, 1892
Bankers' Institute of Australasia
  • Bankers' Magazine, September 1893
Bengal Chamber of Commerce
  • Report of the Committee, 1892-93
Bibliothèque Municipale d' Alexandria
  • Rapport sur l'assainissement de la ville
British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society
  • Anti-Slavery Reporter, May June 1893
Canadian Bankers' Association, Montreal
  • Journal, Vol. I. No. 1, September 1893
Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral Association
  • New Zealand Country Journal, September 1893
Colonial College
  • Colonia, August 1893
page 119
Charters Towers Chamber of Commerce, Queensland
  • Annual Report, 1892-93
Cclonial Museum and Geological Survey of New Zealand
  • Annual Report on the Colonial Museum and Laboratory, 1891-92
Deutsche Kolonial-Gesellschaft
  • Deutsche Kolonialzeitung, August-October 1893
Dunedin Public Art Gallery
  • Trustees Report and Catalogue of the Pictures, 1893
Durban Chamber of Commerce, Natal
  • Annual Reports, 1892
Free Association of Employers and Workmen of Hawkes Bay, N.Z.
  • Annual Report, 1893
Hamilton Association, Hamilton, Canada
  • Journal and Proceedings. No. 9, 1893
Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba
  • Social Customs and Amusements in the Early Days in the Red River Settlement and Rupert's Land. By John MacBeth, 1893
  • Annual Report, 1892
Hobart Chamber of Commerce
  • Annual Report, 1893
Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
  • Annual Report, 1893
Inutitute of Bankers
  • Journal, October 1893
Institution of Civil Engineers
  • Minutes of Proceedings. Vols. CXII., CXIII., CXIV., 1892-93
  • Charter, Supplementary Charter, By-Laws, and List of Members, 1893
  • The Independence of Abstract Science and Engineering. By William Anderson, 1893
Institute of Jamaica
  • Journal, August 1893
Koninklijk Instituut, 's Gravenhage
  • Bijdragen tot de Taal—, Land—en Volkenkunde van Nederlandsch-Indie. No. 4, 1893
Kotoniaal Museum, Haarlem
  • Bulletin, July 1891
  • Pamphlet on Petroleum. By Dr. D. De Loos
Manchester Geographical Society
  • Journal, January-June 1893
McGill College and University, Montreal
  • Annual Calendar, 1893-94
page 120
Nederlandsche Maatschappij ter Bevordering van Nijverheid
  • Wekelijksche Courant do Nijverheid, July-September 1893
New Zealand Institute, Wellington
  • Manual of New Zealand Coleoptera. By Captain Thomas Broun, Parts 5, 6, 7, 1893
  • Transactions and Proceedings. Vol. XXV., 1892
Nova Scotia Institute of Science
  • Proceedings and Transactions. Vol. I. Part 2, 1892
Oriental University Institute, Woking
  • Imperial and Asiatic Quarterly Review, October 1893
Polynesian Society, New Zealand
  • Journal, March and June, 1893
Port Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce
  • Annual Report, 1892
Public Library, Museum, and National Gallery of Victoria
  • Report of the Trustees, 1892
Queen's College and University, Kingston, Canada
  • Examination Papers; Arts, Law, Divinity, 1893
  • Calendar, 1893-94
  • Queen's Quarterly, October 1893
Royal Anglo-Australian Society of Artists
  • Illustrated Catalogue, 1893
Royal Asiatic Society
  • Journal, July and October, 1893
Royal Asiatic Society (Ceylon Branch)
  • Journal. Vol. XI. No. 40. 1893
Royal Botanic Gardens, Trinidad
  • Bulletin of Miscellaneous Information, June and September, 1893
Royal Engineers' Institute, Chatham
  • Professional Papers of the Corps of Royal Engineers, Index 1837-1892
Royal Gardens, Kew
  • Bulletin of Miscellaneous Information, July-September 1893
Royal Geographical Society
  • Report of the Proceedings of the Society in reference to the Improvement of Geographical Education, 1886
  • Geographical Journal, September-November 1893
Royal Geographical Society of Australasia (Queensland Branch)
  • Proceedings and Transactions, 1892-93
  • Summary of the Geographical Work of Mr. J. P. Thomson
page 121
Royal Scottish Geographical Society
  • Magazine, August-November 1893
Royal Society of Canada
  • Proceedings and Transactions. Vol. X., 1892
Royal Society of South Australia
  • Transactions of the Society. Vol. XVI. Part 2. Vol. XVII. Part 1, 1893
Royal Society of Tasmania
  • Papers and Proceedings of the Society, 1892
Royal Society of Victoria
  • Proceedings of the Society. Vol. IV. Part 2, 1892
Royal Statistical Society
  • Journal, September 1893
Royal United Service Institution
  • Journal, June-November 1893
Tate Public Library, Streatham
  • Second Annual Report, 1892-93
United Service Institution of New South Wales
  • Journal and Proceedings, 1892
University of New Zealand
  • Annual Calendar, 1893-94
University of Sydney, New South Wales
  • Calendar, 1893
Victoria Institute
  • Journal of Transactions, 1892-93
Victoria University, Toronto, Canada
  • Calendar of the Victoria University, 1893-94
Witwatersrand Chamber of Mines
  • Monthly Return of Gold, July and August, 1893
Messrs. W, H. Allen & Co.
  • History of the French in India, 1674-1761. By Col. G. B. Malleson, 1893
R. B. Anderson, Esq.
  • West Indian Journal and Civil Rights Guardian, 1891 to June 1893
  • West India, "Compensation to the Owners of Slaves," its History and its Results. By Edmund Sturge, 1893
R, Barr-Smith, Esq.
  • Bimetallism and what Bimetallism may do for South Australia. By the Donor, 1893
page 122
G. S. Beeching, Esq.
  • Discovery and Adventure in Africa. By Hugh Murray, Prof Jameson and James Wilson, 1840
Messrs. B. Bentley & Son
  • Indian Memories. By W. S. Burrell and Edith E. Cuthell, 1893
Messrs. Wm. Blackwood & Sons
  • The Zambesi Basin and Nyassaland. By Daniel J. Rankin, 1893
J. B. Boosé, Esq.
  • Handbook of British Guiana. By James Rodway, 1893
J. G. Bourinot, Esq., C.M.G., Ottawa
  • Historical and Descriptive Account of the Island of Cape Breton. By the Donor, 1892
  • Royal Society of Canada: Proceedings for 1893
  • Quebec and Levis Directory, 1892-93
  • Brantford City Directory, 1890-91
  • London City and Middlesex County Directory, 1892
  • Montreal Directory, 1892-93
Hon. T. A. Brassey
  • The Naval Annual. Edited by the Donor, 1893
British North Borneo Co.
  • English-Sulu-Malay Vocabulary. By Andson Cowie. Edited by Wm. Clark Cowie, 1893
British South Africa Co.
  • Map of Mashonaland, Matabeleland, Kbama's Country, &c., the British South Africa Company's Territory South of the Zambesi, 1893
Dr. A. M. Brown
  • Life and Speeches of Daniel Henry Deniehy. By E. A. Martin. 1884
A. F. Calvert, Esq.
  • Manners and Customs of the New Zealanders. By J. S. Polack, 1840
  • An Account of New Zealand, and of the Formation and Progress of the Church Missionary Society's Mission in the Northern Island. By the Rev. W. Yate," 1835
  • The Australian Emigrant. By G. H. Haydon, 1854
  • Roughing it in Van Diemen's Land, &c.
  • Adelaide University Calendar, 1891
  • Mineral Resources of Western Australia. By the Donor, 1893
Messrs. Cassell & Co. Ld.
  • The Story of Africa and its Explorers. By Dr. Robert Brown. Vol. II., 1893
page 123
Joseph Chailley-Bert, Esq.
  • La Hollande et les fonctionnaires des Indes Néerlandaises. By the Donor, 1893
  • Conseils à ceux qui veulent s'établir aux colonies, 1893
Messrs. Chapman d Hall
  • History of the Gold Coast of West Africa, By Colonel A. B. Ellis, 1893
The Clarendon Press
  • Voyages of the Elizabethan Seamen to America. Edited by E. J. Payne, 1893
The Copp, Clark Co., him., Toronto
  • Later Canadian Poems. Edited by J. E. Wetherell, 1893
Capt. Ernest Cruikthank, Ontario
  • The Story of Butler's Bangers and the Settlement of Niagara. By the Donor, 1893
C. E. Cullen, Esq.
  • Imperial Institute Year-Book, 1893
T. K. Davies, Esq.
  • Open Letter upon the Hawaiian Crisis. By the Donor, 1893
The Rev. Æneas Macdonell Dawson, Ottawa
  • Our Strength and their Strength: the North-West Territory, &c. By the Donor, 1870
  • The North-West Territories and British Columbia. By the Donor, 1881
  • Pius IX and his Time. By the Donor, 1880
  • Zenobia; Queen of Palmyra, a Poem. By the Donor, 1883
  • The Catholics of Scotland from 1593, and the Extinction of the Hierarchy in 1603, till the Death of Bishop Carruthers in 1852. By the Donor, 1890
Messrs. John Dcuigall & Son, Montreal
  • Sea, Forest, and Prairie; being Stories o Life and Adventure in Canada, Past and Present. By Boys and Girls in Canada's Schools, 1893
Stanley Edwards, Esq.
  • A British Growl on the Condition of the Democracies and of the Colonies. By John Houghton, 1892
  • Rural New Zealand: the Britain of the South. By John Houghton, 1893
Messrs. D. Edwards d Co., Cape Town
  • Cape Illustrated Magazine, May-October 1893
Messrs. Effingham Wilson d Co.
  • A Plain Statement of the Currency Question, with Reasons why we should Restore the Old English Law of Bimetalism. By John Hill Twigg, 1893
page 124
C. Washington Eves, Esq., C.M.G.
  • Hortus Jamaicensis. By John Lunan. 2 Vols. 1814
  • West India Common-Place Book. By Sir William Young, 1807
  • Flora Barbadensis. By J. D. Maycock, 1830
Henry Faija, Esq.
  • On the Manufacture and Testing of Portland Cement. By the Donor, 1893
A. A. Fauvel, Esq.
  • Kurrachee et Bombay, souvenirs de voyage. By the Donor, 1892
  • Etude de cartographic sur l'Archipel des Seychelles. By the Donor, 1893
Messrs. A. M. & J. Ferguson, Ceylon
  • Tropical Agriculturist, July-October 1893
  • Monthly Literary Register and Notes and Queries for Ceylon, July-September 1893
John Ferguson, Esq.
  • Ceylon in 1893. By the Donor
The Rt. Hon. Sir James Fergusson, Bart., M.P., &c.
  • Catalogue of the York Gate Geographical and Colonial Library, 1886
B. G. Gray, Esq.
  • Historical and Statistical Account of Nova Scotia. By Thomas C, Haliburton, 1829
Rev. W. P. Greswell
  • The British Colonies and their Industries. By the Donor, 1893
Hare Press, Calcutta
  • Raja Digambar Mitra: his Life and Career. By Bholanauth Chunder, 1893
Thomas Harry, Esq., South Australia
  • Some Failures of Democracy. By the Donor, 1893
T. H. Haynes, Esq.
  • Veto of the Crown. By the Donor, 1893
  • Territorial Waters, and Ocean Fishery Bights. By the Don or, 1893
H. H. Hayter, Esq., C.M.G.
  • Victorian Year-Book, 1892. Vol. II. By the Donor
Wm. Heinemann, Esq.
  • Guide Book to Alaska and the North-West Coast. By Eliza Ruhamah Scidinore, 1893
Sir Robert G. W. Herbert, G.C.B.
  • Votes and Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland. 1800, 1861, 1862, 1865
  • Queensland Government Gazettes, 1859-60, 1862, 1863, 1864
page 125
Dr, J. George Hodgins, Toronto
  • Ryerson Memorial Volume, 1844 76. By the Donor, 1889
  • Hints and Suggestions on School Architecture and Hygiene. By the Donor, 1886
  • Educational System of the Province of Ontario. By the Donor, 1886
Messrs. Hofmeyr & Regter, Cape Town
  • Zuid Afrikaansche Tydschrift, August 1893
Imperial British East Africa Co.
  • British East Africa or Ibea. By P. L. McDermott, 1893
Robert Johnstone, Esq.
  • Jamaica Weather Report, May to August 1893
W. Kennaway, Esq. C.M.G.
  • New Zealand Statutes, 1861, 1867, 1875 and 1876
Messrs. Sampson Low, Marston d Co.
  • How I Shot my Bears; or, Two Years' Tent Life in Kullu and Lahoul. By Mrs. R. H. Tyacke, 1893
  • Brown's "South Africa," a Guide for the Use of Tourists, Sportsmen, Invalids and Settlers, 1893
j. A. Macdonell, Esq., Q.C., Ontario
  • The Early Settlement and History of Glengarry in Canada. By the Donor, 1893
Messrs. Macmillan d Co.
  • Adventures in Mashonaland by Two Hospital Nurses, Rose Blenner-hassett and Lucy Sleeman, 1893
Messrs. E. Marlborough & Co.
  • An Account of the Mission Tour of the Rev. G. C. Grubb in Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. By E. C. Millard, 1893
Archer Martin, Esq., Winnipeg
  • Western Law Times of Canada, July-October 1893
Messrs. McCarron, Stewart d Co., Sydney
  • The Cosmopolitan; a Bimensal Gazette for Furthering the Spread of Volapük. Nos. 9 and 12, 1893
Messrs. A. M'Kinley d Co., Melbourne
  • The Imperial, July 1893
D. McLaws, Esq., Ontario
  • Free Trade and Direct Taxation. By the Donor, 1893
Messrs. Methuen d Co.
  • British Commerce and Colonies from Elizabeth to Victoria. By H. de B. Gibbins, 1893
J, C. H. Mingaye, Esq.
  • Notes and Analysis of a Metallic Meteorite from Moonbi, near Tam-worth, New South Wales, 1893
page 126
Henry J. Morgan, Esq., Ottawa
  • Hamilton, the Birmingham of Canada, 1893
  • Brockville, The City of the Thousand Islands
  • Descriptive Beport of the Coal Mines of the Canadian Anthracite Coal Company, at Anthracite and Cadmore, N.W.T.
  • Fiftieth Annual Report of the Montreal Board of Trade, 1893
  • A Very Fair Comparison of the Belative Condition of Farmers in New York State and the Province of Ontario, 1893
  • Programme of the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association Meeting 1893
  • The Manitoban, July 1893
Henry J. Morgan, Esq., Ottawa
  • Agreement between Canada and France in Respect of Customs Tariifs, 1893
  • Summary Report of the Geological Department, 1892 Trade with Great Britain (Horses), 1892
J. R. Mosse, Esq.
  • Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Science: 1881
Dr. G. L. Mullens, New South Wales
  • Rules and By-Laws of the Sydney Medical Association
  • Rules and By-Laws of the Eastern Medical Association, 1893
John Murray, Esq.
  • Typee: a Narrative of Four Months' Residence among the Natives of a Valley of the Marquesas Islands; or a Peep at Polynesian Life. By Herman Melville, 1893
  • Omoo: a Narrative of Adventures in the South Seas. By Herman Melville, 1893
F. Nash, Esq., Mauritius
  • Plan détaillé de la partie de la ville détruite par l'incendie du 23 an 24 Juillet, 1893
  • Rapport du Comité des Chimistes, 1893
Joseph Nelson, Esq.
  • Proposed Hudson's Bay and Pacific Railway and New Steamship Route. By the Donor, 1893
Messrs. T. Nelson & Sons
  • Doing and Daring: a New Zealand Story. By Eleanor Stredder.
Simpson Newland, Esq.
  • Paving the Way: a Romance of the Australian Bush. By the Donor, 1893
John Noble, Esq., Cape Town
  • Illustrated Official Handbook of the Cape and South Africa. Edited by the Donor, 1893
page 127
Ontario Publishing Co., Limited, Toronto
  • The Canadian Magazine of Politics, Science, Art and Literature, March-November 1893
Orient Steam Navigation Co., Limited
  • Notes on a Winter Cruise in the West Indies. By Lieut. G. T. Temple, 1893
George Owen, Esq.
  • New Zealand, Graphic and Descriptive; the illustrations by C. D. Barraud. Edited by W. T. L. Travers, 1877
C. E. Parker-Rhodes, Esq.
  • Improved Compass for Ships and Overland Travellers. By the Donor, 1893
J, A. Otonba Payne, Esq., Lagos
  • Table of Principal Events in Yoruba History. By the Donor, 1893
Walter Peace, Esq., C.M.G.
  • Frame of Views of Natal Bay
Messrs. George Philip & Son
  • The Discovery of Australia. By Albert F. Calvert, 1893
  • Mineral Resources of Western Australia. By Albert F. Calvert, 1893
A. H. Pritchard, Esq.
  • North Queensland Mining Annual: a History of the Progress of North Queensland Mining for 1892
The Proprietors
  • Cape Church Monthly, June-October 1893
The Proprietors
  • South African Catholic Magazine, June-October 1893
Proprietors of the Mackay Standard
  • The Way to Revive the Prosperity of Queensland, 1893
George Ranken, Esq., New South Wales
  • Our Wasted Heritage. By the Donor.
W. H. Read, Esq., C.M.G.
  • British Settlements in the Straits of Malacca. By T. J. Newbold, 1839. 2 Vols.
Religious Tract Society
  • Forty-two Years amongst the Indians and Eskimos. By Beatrice Batty, 1893
The Eon. Arthur Renwick, Sydney, New South Wales
  • An Australian Language. By L. E. Threlkeld and others. Edited by John Fraser, 1892
T. Reunert, Esq.
  • Diamonds and Gold in South Africa. By the Donor, 1893
page 128
G. MacLean Rose, Esq., Toronto
  • The Canadian North-West; its History and its Troubles. By G. Mercer Adam, 1885
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page 129
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