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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 72

The Approach to Royalty

The Approach to Royalty.

The manner in which the Matabele approach the King is very peculiar, and emblematical of the absolute power over the lives of the subjects exercised by the chief. The King's titles are shouted out when any visitor passes the gate of the Royal kraal. When about twenty yards from the throne the subject sinks his left shoulder, bends his knee, and crouches lower and lower until, at a point some half-dozen yards from the Royal presence, he squats down and re-commences to sing with vigour and earnestness the praises of "The Stabber of the Sun." It may be imagined that the suppliant infuses considerable feeling into this chant, as very much, indeed not impossibly even life itself, might depend upon its effect upon his Majesty.