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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 72

Notices to Fellows

page 130

Notices to Fellows.


The following volumes and parts are required in the Library to complete the various series. Donations will be much appreciated:—

  • Adelaide Chamber of Commerce. Annual Reports. Nos. 1 to 25, and 28 to 30
  • Australasian Medical Gazette. Vols. I. II.
  • Australasian Sketclier. Melbourne. Nos. 127 to 140 of 1881 Nos. 154 and 157 of 1882. The whole of 1883. No. 203 of 1886
  • Australian Medical Journal (Melbourne). All issues previous to Vol. XIV. 1892
  • Blosseville (le Marquis de). Histoire de la colonisation pénale et des établissements de l'Angleterre en Australie (1831). 1859
  • Buckton (T. J.). Western Australia. 1840
  • Bunce (D.). Australasiatic Reminiscences. Twenty-three Years Wanderings in Tasmania and Australia, &c. 1857
  • Bunce (D.). Language of the Aborigines of the Colony of Victoria and other Australian Districts. 1859
  • Burn (David). Van Diemen's Land Vindicated. 1840
  • Canterbury (N.Z.) Chamber of Commerce. Annual Reports. Nos. 1, 2, 6 to 10, and 17, 18, 21, and 32
  • Cox (Alfred). Men of Mark of New Zealand. 1886
  • Dunedin (N.Z.) Chamber of Commerce. Annual Reports. All previous to 1874, and 1875, 1876, and 1887 Étude sur les races indigènes de l'Australie. Instructions présentées à la Société d'Anthropologie. 1872
  • Finn (Edmund). Chronicles of Early Melbourne. 2 vols. 1889
  • Fitzgerald (R. D.). Australian Orchids. (Additional Number)
  • Hobart Chamber of Commerce. Annual Reports. All previous to 1886page 131
  • Hovell (W. H.) and Hume (Hamilton). Journey of Discovery to Port Phillip, New South Wales, in 1824-25. Edited by Dr. W. Bland; and a Brief Statement of Facts in connection with an Overland Expedition from Lake George to Port Phillip in 1824, by H. Hume. Edited by Rev. W. Ross. 8vo. Sydney. 1837
  • Hovell (William H.). Answer to the Preface of the second edition of Mr. Hamilton Hume's "A Brief Statement of Facts in connection with an Overland Expedition from Lake George to Port Phillip in 1824." Sydney. 1874
  • Hume (Hamilton). Brief Statement of Facts in connection with an Overland Expedition from Lake George to Port Phillip, 1824. 8vo. 1873-74
  • Lyttelton (N.Z.) Chamber of Commerce. Annual Reports. 3rd Report to date
  • Maryborough Chamber of Commerce. Annual Reports. Nos. 3-7 and 16
  • Melbourne Chamber of Commerce. Annual Reports. Nos. 1 to 23, 25 to 29, 32, and 37 to 40
  • Moore (Charles). Flora of New South Wales
  • New South Wales. Report of the Council of Education upon the Condition of Public Schools, 1866-75,1879, and from 1881 to date
  • New Zealand University Calendar. All previous to 1891
  • New Zealand. Reports of Geological Explorations. With Maps and Sections. Previous to 1881
  • Presbyterianism in the Australian Colonies. 8vo. 4 vols. 1846-69
  • Townsville Chamber of Commerce. Annual Reports. 1883, 1884, and 1885
  • Wellington (N.Z.) Chamber of Commerce. Annual Reports. Nos. 1 to 14, and 16 to 24
  • Wentworth. The British Settlements in Australasia. 2 vols. 1824
  • Westmacott (Capt. R. M.). Sketches in Australia, 1848
  • Year-Book of Australia. Edited by Edward Greville. 1882, 1883, 1884, 1887, 1889
  • Zimmermann. Australien, in Hinsicht der Erd-, Menschenund Produktenkunde. 2 vols. 1810
British North America—
  • Ashley (W. J.). Nine Lectures on the Earlier Constitutional History of Canada. 1889
  • Bibaud (Michael). Histoire du Canada sous la domination franchise (1837 et 1843)
  • Histoire du Canada et des Canadiens sous la domination anglaise
  • Christie (Robert). A History of the late Province of Lower Canada, Parliamentary and Political. 5 vols. 1848-54
  • Colby (C. C.) Parliamentary Government in Canada. 1886page 132
  • Collins (J. E.). Life and Times of Sir John A. Macdonald. 1883
  • Dent (J. C.). The Last Forty Years. Canada since the Union of 1841. 1881
  • Dent (H.). Story of the Upper Canadian Rebellion. 2 vols. 1885
  • Dominion Board of Trade, Proceedings of. From 10th Annual General Meeting of 1880 to date
  • Edits, Ordonnances Royaux, Déclarations et Arrêts du Conseil d'Etat du Roi concernant le Canada. 1854.
  • Faillon (Abbé). Histoire de la colonie française en Canada. 2 vols, 1865
  • Ferland (J. B. A.). Cours d'histoire du Canada. 2 vols. 1861, 1865
  • Garneau (F. X.). Histoire du Canada depuis sa découverte jusqn's nos jours. 1882
  • Gérin-Lajoie (A.). Dix ans au Canada, de 1840 à, 1850. 1888
  • Gunn (Hon. D.). History of Manitoba. 1880
  • Hamilton (J. C.). The Prairie Province. 1876
  • Hincks (Sir Francis). Reminiscences of his Public Life. 1884
  • Kingsford (Dr.). The Early Bibliography of Ontario
  • Kirby (William). Le Chien d'Or. A Legend of Quebec. 1877
  • Lareau (Edmond). Histoire du droit canadien depuis les origines de la colonie jusqu'à nos jours. 2 vols. 1888
  • Le Moine (J. M.). Quebec, Past and Present. 1608-1876
  • Lesperance (John). The Bastonnais. Tale of the American Invasion of Canada in 1775-6. 1877
  • Letters of "Veritas." 1815. (Hon. John Bichardson)
  • Letters of "Nerva." (Mr. Justice Gale)
  • Lindsey (Charles). Life and Times of W. Lyon Mackenzie, with an account of the Canadian Rebellion of 1837. 2 vols. 1863
  • Lovell's History of the Dominion of Canada and other Parts of British America. 1876
  • Macpherson (Col. J. P.). Life of Sir John A. Macdonald. 1892
  • Morgan (H. J.). Sketches of Celebrated Canadians
  • Morgan (H. J.). Bibliotheca Canadensis
  • Rattray (W. J.). The Scot in British North America. 2 vols, 1881
  • Statements of the Home and Foreign Trade of the Dominion of Canada; also Annual Report of the Commerce of Montreal. 1874 to date
  • Sullivan (D. A. O.). Government in Canada; the Principles and Institutions of our Federal and Provincial Constitutions. 1887
  • Tuttle (C. R.). Our North Land; being a full Account of the Canadian North-West and Hudson's Bay Route. 1885
  • Toronto Public Library. Second Report
  • Watson (S. J.). The Powers of Canadian Parliaments. 1880
  • Winnipeg Board of Trade. Annual Reports, 1 to 5page 133
  • Withrow (W. A.). A popular History of the Dominion of Canada, from the discovery of America to the present time. 1888 Year-Book of Canada. 1874 to date
Cape Colony, Natal, &c.—
  • Among the Palms. By Rev. Mr. Brown
  • Cape Monthly Magazine. Vol. III. (1858), Nos. 13, 16, and 17. Vol. VII. (1860), No. 40. Vol. VIII. (1800), No. 46. Vol. IX. (1861), Nos. 50, 51, 52. Vol. XI. (1862), No. 66
  • Eastern Province Monthly Magazine. Vol. I. (1856), March and April. Vol. II. (1856), October. January, February, and May (1857)
West Indies—
  • Amphlett (John). Under a Tropical Sky
  • Barbados Agricultural Gazette and Planters' Journal. All previous to May 1887, and March and June 1890
  • Desultory Sketches and Tales of Barbados. 1840
  • Grisebach (Dr.). Flora of the British West India Islands
  • Hancock (John). Climate, Soil, and Productions of British Guiana
  • Geographical Magazine. Edited by Clements R. Markham. Vols. I., II., III. 1874, 1875, 1876
  • Meteorological Magazine. Vols. I. to XVII. 1865-82
  • Reports of Emigration Commissioners. 1849
  • Simmond's Colonial Magazine. Vols. I.-IV. 1844-5
  • United States Consular Reports. Nos. 1, 40, 54, 56, 103, 106, 110, 111, 113, 116, 117, 119, 121, 123, 126, 131, 132, 135
Societies (United Kingdom)—
  • Royal Geographical Society, Journal of. Vols. 3, 7, 10-22
  • Royal Geographical Society, Proceedings of. Vols. I.-XI.
  • Royal United Service Institution, Journal of. Vols. I. to XIII.
  • Royal Institution of Great Britain. Notices of the Proceedings at the Meetings of the Members. Vol. VI.
  • Society of Arts, Journal of. Vols. I. to XVI.
  • Royal Statistical Society, Journal of. Vols. I. to XXXVI.
  • Victoria Institute, Journal of Transactions of the. Vols. III., IV., and V. 1869-72
  • East India Association, Journal of. Vol. II. Nos. 2 and 3. Vol. III. No. 2. Vol. IV. Vol. V. No. 2
  • Institute of Bankers, Journal of the. Vols. I. to IV. (1880-83)
  • Royal Colonial Institute, Proceedings of the. Vols. II., III., IV., V., VI VII.
  • Royal Engineers Institute, Chatham. Occasional Papers of the Corps of Royal Engineers. Vol. I. Parts 1 and 4. Vol. II. Part 6 and Index. Vol. IV. all except Part 12page 134
  • Royal Engineers Institute, Chatham. Vol. I. Nos. 1 and 4 and Index. Vol. II. No. 6 and Index
  • Royal Society. Transactions. 1834 (Part 1), and 1835 to 1851

Societies (Colonial—

New South Wales—
  • Royal Society of New South Wales. Transactions and Proceedings. Vols. I. to VIII. (1866-74)
  • Philosophical Society of New South Wales. Transactions. Previous to 1862
  • Australian Philosophical Society Proceedings. 1850-56
  • Royal Geographical Society of Australasia. New South Wales Branch. From Vol. IV.
  • Bankers' Institute of Australasia. (Bankers' Magazine.) August 1886 to August 1887. December 1887 to October 1889. January 1890 to March 1890. May 1890 to March 1891. June 1891 to December 1891. May and June 1892
  • Royal Society of Victoria. Vols. V., VII., Part 1. Vol. VIII. (1868) and Vol. X. to Vol. XXI. 1870-85
  • Zoological and Acclimatisation Society of Victoria. Previous to Vol IV. (of 1875), and from Vol. V.
  • Philosophical Institute of Victoria. Vols. I. and II. (1856-7). Vol. IV. Part 1, 1858
  • Victoria Institute. Transactions and Proceedings. 1854-5 Philosophical Society of Victoria. Transactions. 1855
South Australia—
  • Royal Society of South Australia. Transactions and Proceedings of the late Adelaide Philosophical Society. All previous to 1877-8
  • Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of South Australia. Proceedings. Previous to 1868
  • Royal Society of. Papers and Proceedings. 1860, 1861,1862,1863, 1864, 1870, 1871
  • Launceston Mechanics' Institute. Annual Reports. Previous to 1882
British North America—
  • The Canadian Journal of Industry, Science, and Art. Conducted by the Canadian Institute. Nos. 5 (1856), 7 (1857), 25, 26, 27,30 (1860), 33 (1861), 49 (1864), and 60 (1865)
  • Royal Asiatic Society (Ceylon Branch). Journals and Proceedings. Vol. III. No. 10, 1856-8. No. 11, 1858-9. No. 12, 1860-61.page 135
  • Vol. IV. No. 14, 1867-70. Vol. V. No. 16, 1870-71. Vol. VI. No. 21, 1880. No. 22, 1880. Vol. VII. No. 23, 1881. Proceedings. January 25, 1882, to December 22, 1882

Parliamentary Publications.

New South Wales—
  • Government Gazette. No. 410 of Vol. II. 1888. Index to Vol. I. January and February 1890
New Zealand—
  • Appendices to the Journals of the House of Representatives. Vol. II. 1873
  • Statutes of New Zealand. 1864, 1873, 1874
  • Government Gazette. Vol. LXXV. Nos. 2, 55, 57. 1888
South Australia—
  • Government Gazette. Vol. II. (1887), Nos. 1 to 47. Vol. I. (1889), Nos. 18, 29, 30
  • Government Gazette. Vol. XLIII. No. 33. 1888. Vol. XLIV. No. 19. 1888. Vol. XLV. No. 112. 1888. Vol. XLVIII. Nos. 25 and 28. 1889
  • Votes and Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly. 1865-7, 1870, 1872-6 and 1881
  • Hobart Gazette. January to June 1889
Cape of Good Hope—
  • Government Gazette. Previous to September 1887
  • Votes and Proceedings of Parliament, and Appendices. 1861, 1867, 1869, 1871-4
Straits Settlements—
  • Proceedings of the Legislative Council. 1886
  • Government Gazette. Nos. 58 and 61. 1889
British Guiana—
  • Minutes of the Court of Policy. Previous to 1860, and January to March 1861. January to March 1862. October to December 1863
  • Ordinances. All previous to 1888
page 136
British Honduras—
  • Government Gazette. Nos. 34, 35, 37, 38. 1888
  • Votes of the House of Assembly. 1871-8
  • Votes of the Legislative Council. 1883, 1884
  • Statutes of the Province of Manitoba. 1886
  • Manitoba Gazette. Nos. 10 and 24 of Vol. XVII. 1889
Sierra Leone—
  • Sierra Leone Royal Gazette. Nos. 139, 140 (1881), Nos. 146,149 (1882). Nos. 194, 195 (1885). No. 225 (1888).

Arrangements for the Session.

The following Papers will, amongst others, be read during the present session:—
December 12. "Uganda." By Captain W. H. Williams, B.A. The Right Hon. the Marquis of Lome, K.T., G.C.M.G., will preside.
January 9. Paper on Australia by Miss Flora L. Shaw.
February 13. Paper by General Sir George Chesney, K.C.B., C.S.I., C.I.E.

Subsequent meetings will be held on the following dates:-March 13, April 10, May 8, June 19.

Resolutions of Condolence.

The Council have adopted resolutions expressing their deep regret at the death of Sir Alexander T. Galt, G.C.M.G., who rendered eminent services to the Dominion of Canada and the Empire generally, and served as a Vice-President of the Institute for upwards of twelve years, taking an active part in its proceedings as long as his health permitted; and Dr. John Rae, F.R.S., the intrepid Arctic explorer, who served on the Governing Body of the Institute as a Councillor for over thirteen years, during the whole of which period he zealously sought to advance its interests and promote its usefulness.

page 137

Appointments to the Council.

Subject to confirmation by the Fellows at the next Annual Meeting, General Sir H. C. B. Daubeney, G.C.B., has been appointed a Vice-President, in succession to the late Sir William Mackinnon, Bart.; and T. Morgan Harvey, Esq. (late of Natal), a Councillor, in succession to the late Dr. John Rae, F.R.S.

Honorary Corresponding Secretary, Sydney.

Mr. Wilfred L. Docker, of Sydney, New South Wales, has been appointed Honorary Corresponding Secretary in succession to Mr. Laidley Mort, who has been kind enough to discharge the duties of that office for nearly four years past.

Use of Council Room for Conferences.

Subject to the approval of the Council, the Council Room will be available for Conferences on subjects of general Colonial interest, when not otherwise engaged. Applications should be addressed to the Secretary, explaining in each case the object in view, it being understood that the use of the room cannot be granted for party-political, religious, or company-promoting purposes.

Late Opening of the Institute.

The Institute will again be kept open, by way of experiment, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on week-days, up to December 30, except on evenings of Ordinary Meetings, when it will close at 7.30 p.m. The permanency of the arrangement will depend on whether the attendance is such as to justify the additional expense that must necessarily be incurred.

Informal Social Meetings.

At the suggestion of several Fellows of the Institute it is proposed to hold informal meetings in the Smoking Room on Wednes- page 138 day evenings at 8 o'clock, for the discussion, in a conversational way, of Colonial, literary, and social subjects.

A notice will be posted in the Hall of the Institute each week announcing the subject to be brought under discussion on the Wednesday evening next ensuing, and the name of its introducer.

Changes of Address.

Fellows of the Institute are particularly requested to notify all changes in their addresses to the Secretary, so that the Journal and other communications may be forwarded without delay.

Colonial Newspapers at the British Museum.

Any Fellow of the Royal Colonial Institute who wishes to consult the back files of Colonial newspapers which are regularly presented by the Institute to the British Museum should apply in the first instance at the office of the Principal Librarian of the Museum, where he may obtain an order for the Newspaper Boom on presentation of his card. Should be require a ticket for any length of time, he can obtain, at the Principal Librarian's office, a more permanent form of admission on producing a letter of recommendation from the Secretary of this Institute.