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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 72

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

Address: The Retiring Chairman's (Mr H. Overton) 5
Abbatoirs 9
Assimilation of Rules 19
Amended Rules 20
Autumn Shows 30
Agricultural Reading Books for Schools 29
Beetroot Culture 29
Chairman: Election of 7
Cattle for Dairy Purposes 23
Dairy Act 9
Disseminating Information for Farmers 14
Dehorning Calves 15
Dairy Produce 22
Duty on Agricultural Implements 29
Flock Book for New Zealand 12
Flock Book 8
Fire-branding Stock 22
Foot Rot in Sheep 27
Grub in Grass and Corn 13
Government Assistance to Conference 30
Housing and Clothing Sheep 20, 30
Intercolonial Conference 22
Irrigation Works 26
Judges: Exchange of 30
Manures and the Manure Act 15
Mortality Among Sheep 20
Markets for Agricultural Produce 28
Noxious Weeds 11, 18
Passes for Judges 11
Poison: Conveyance of 24
Public Dips Under Government Inspection 29
Potato Moth 30
Quarantine of Stock 14
Quarantine Station: Stock on 28
Railway Charges on Stock 10
Rust on Grass 14
Rabbit-fencing 24
Railway Commissioners: Deputation to 27
Sheep and Cattle-stealing 8
Sheep Trucks and Insulated Vans 11
Stock Inspectors 15
Suitable Sheep and Cattle for Freezing 15
Sheep Tax and the Rabbit Nuisance 18
Small Birds' Nuisance 19
Sale of Live Stock by Weight 26
Taxing Stallions 10
The Retiring Chairman 13
The Next Conference 27
The Secretary for Next Conference 30
Thanks 20, 31
Wheel Tax 29
The following are the papers referred to in the body of this report:—
  • "Prevention of Sheep-stealing," by Mr G. W. Russell, M.H.R.
  • "Prevention of Sheep-stealing and Ear-marking," by Mr Reginald Foster.
  • "The Dairy Industry," by Mr Henry Reynolds.
  • "Noxious Weeds," by The Secretary.
  • "Diseases of Sheep," by Mr H. F. Gray.
  • "Manures and the Manure Act," by Mr G. Gray, F.C.S., Lecturer on Chemistry, Lincoln Agricultural College.
  • "The Most Profitable Cattle and Sheep for Freezing," by Mr John Grigg.