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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 72

Duty on Agricultural Implements

Duty on Agricultural Implements.

Mr Kirkbride moved, "That in the opinion of this Conference all machinery, tools, and page 30 fencing wire and appliances used in the cultivation of the land should be admitted free of Customs duty." Mr Kirkbride said that as the prosperity of the country virtually depends on the farming industry, the farmer should receive every encouragement at the hands of the State. The speaker then went on to quote statistics showing the value of the agricultural exports of the Colony. As representatives of the cultivators of the soil, the Conference should do all in its power to remove any restrictions which might hamper or increase the expenses of the farmer.

Mr Hall seconded the resolution, and pointed out that it was obvious that agriculture was to be the mainstay of the Colony, and that manufacturers would have very little chance of competing with those of the old countries. Our agricultural products were sold in the open markets of the world, and it was therefore necessary that they should be produced as cheaply as possible.

After some remarks from Messrs Buchanan and Kirkbride, the resolution was carried.