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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 72

Manures and the Manure Act

page 15

Manures and the Manure Act.

Mr Murphy at this stage read a paper contributed by Mr G. Gray, F.C.S., Lecturer on Chemistry at Lincoln College, "On Manures and the Manure Act."

Mr Grigg moved, "That this Conference recognises the great importance of providing some means of circulating information relating to agricultural and pastoral subject, and will heartily support any publication in a magazine form, being subject to the supervision of the agricultural and pastoral associations. That it be a recommendation to the different agricultural and pastoral associations to consider the advisability of carrying out experiments as to the most suitable manures for their districts, and of carrying out all other experiments in the interests of the farming community." He had no doubt that if the various societies connected with the Conference would assist, the magazine would be a financial success.

Mr McLaren said it was well they should not be running to the Government for everything they required.

Mr Pattullo suggested that the Conference should recommend the various agricultural and pastoral associations to carry out a series of experiments.

Mr Buchanan supported Mr Grigg's resolution, and referred to the benefit which he obtained from reading the Country Journal, at the same time complimenting Mr Murphy on the manner in which it was brought out.

Mr J. G. Wilson did not think that the smaller societies would be able to carry out the experiments as suggested.

Mr Grigg's resolution was then put to the meeting and agreed to.