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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 72

Flock Book

Flock Book.

Mr Overton referred to the meeting which took place between the breeders in the North and South Islands, regarding the establishment of a Flock Book for the whole of the Colony, and said the proceedings were marked by the greatest unanimity, and moved, "That the question of the Flock Book be re-opened," and stated that his reason for doing so was because the subject had been discharged from the order paper the previous morning, before many of the delegates had had an opportunity of understanding the rules and conditions which had been drawn up, and, with the Chairman's permission, would like Mr Wilson to explain the exact position, in order that the business might receive the full approval of the Conference.

Mr Wilson said that he would second the resolution, as such a course as proposed by by Mr Overton would give an opportunity for further discussion. Mr Wilson said that in moving that the question be discharged from the order paper the previous day, he considered that such a course would have furnished an opportunity for any further explanation or enquiry; and now he would only be too pleased to explain the exact position to the Conference. Some time ago when it was determined by breeders in the Wellington province to establish a Flock Book for New Zealand, invitations were sent to the breeders in the South to be represented, but there was no great response to this request. It was considered a favourable time during the sitting of the present Conference to move in this matter again, especially when there were present many breeders from the South Island. He was pleased to say that at the sitting which took place on Monday the Southern gentlemen showed themselves as anxious to establish the Flock Book as they were in the North. Copies of the rules drawn up, with some slight alterations, would be ready in a few days, when they could be procured by the members of the Conference.

Mr Rhodes moved, "That this Conference, being satisfied of the great benefit to be derived from having a Flock Book established for New Zealand, hears with satisfaction that a New Zealand Sheep-breeders' Association has been established at a meeting held in Wellington on Monday of the New Zealand Sheep-breeders' Association and South Island flock-owners, for the purpose of publishing a Flock Book, and that this Association has been promised such support that ensures its being adopted by the breeders of sheep all over the islands, and that the proposed rules of the page 13 New Zealand Flock Book be approved." He said that the individual registration of sheep would be very objectionable, whilst at the same time it would be a great mistake to have two Flock Books in New Zealand.

Mr Cartwright Brown seconded the resolution, which was carried.