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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 72

Advantages of this Plan

Advantages of this Plan,

They will be obvious to everyone at all conversant with school work; it would plainly revolutionise school life and reach the root of the present evils. If the teacher's life would become easier thereby the benefit would be still more apparent in the case of the scholar. That vicious element of struggle against time would be removed from the life of both. Cramming for examination would be eliminated from school work altogether, and the teacher be at leisure to train and really educate the child. The nervous and anxious child would no longer suffer from its anxiety. Childhood would be left to mature at leisure, just as Nature meant it should, just as the stomach digests its food at leisure and cannot be hurried. And that feature in the school life of our youth at present, which is so obnoxious to thoughtful and wise educationists—its tone of hurry, excitement, and rivalry—would disappear altogether. On the other hand, everyone sees how greatly the change would improve the teacher's position, both class-teacher and head-teacher. The daily approval of the class-teacher would become an object of importance to the child with a view to promotion, whilst the head-teacher would become in reality what he is now in little more than name—the real governor of the whole school machine. That is the first half of my reform, but a scheme to be of any use must meet all the conditions of the case and reconcile conflicting claims, and I have not yet taken into account the question of the Government audit.