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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 72

Wainoni Park, Christchurch, May 27th, 1907. To, Robert Stout

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Wainoni Park, Christchurch, To,


Robert Stout



I have made many attempts to interest you in The theory of Constructive Impact. But apparently you look upon it as a fad, so you have not troubled to give any study to the work. Your official position, especially that of Chancellor; renders it very important that you should understand at least one especial fundamental idea of the theory. (that of the formation of a third body in a grazing collision.)

This idea has been at once accepted by scores of eminent scientists to whom the theory has been submitted. But as the whole theory involves close on a hundred overlooked principles of science, this one idea is forgotton when it might be used. Hence, although this one principle would answer some scores of astronomical enigmas, it is not used to answer them. Sir, Robert Ball, (The Earth's Beginning "bottom of page 355,) says:-"that partial collisions must be enormously more frequent than complete ones."

At the middle of page. 354 he shows-"that this was probably the origin of the nebula that originated the Solar System."

At the end of page 356,-speaking of Nova Persei in this respect he says," We have the best reason knowing such an event to page break contd.

have happened."

He says much more on impact, yet does not mention the existence of the third body,-yet upon this third body all hinges. Both Lord Kelvin, and Lore Rayleigh admitted at once-this third body. Both were intensly interested in the theory. Lord Kelvin after: I had left him, followed me to the Hotel entrance hall, to ask further questions; and on leaving me stated "it was the most beautiful correllation he had ever known."

This cutting shows what he said to Mr, Rouse Martin.

I am enclosing a small pamphlet that is marked in blue, where it treats of the third body. I also send copy of a paper in "Philosophical Magazine" communicated by Sir, W. Rocker. Also the paper published by "Royal Society of Canada".

I should be obliged if you will return this paper, as they only sent me a few copies.

Signature of A. H. Bickerton

Yours very truly