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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 72

The Theory of Constructive Impact

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The Theory of Constructive Impact.

The scope of the theory of constructive impact is of gigantic range. It for the first time offers a consistent code of cosmogony. It supplies clear scientific accounts of the origin of the visible universe, and of the solar system; also of the varying forms of nebulæ and traces their passage from one form to another. The theory shows how meteoric swarms and star clusters have been evolved, and what is the cause of the association of double stars. It explains the pecularities of variable stars, whilst its description of the origin of temporary stars is so perfect that there has been absolutely no well marked phenomenon of the wonderful Nova Auriga;, nor even on its complex spectrum that it did not anticipate. It is so complete a cosmogony that it shows it to be useless to look forward or backward, the future being but a repetition of the past, the present only a phase of an eternal rhythm. Worlds, systems and universes are born and decay, but the mighty cosmos rolls on immortal and infinite. Thus the; theory shows that the dismal conclusion of Lord Kelvin's theory of dissipation of energy is based on a local and imperfect view of the creation.

Astronomical readers will see that Professor Flammarion's ideas of the resurrection of systems by oblique impact, Sir Robert Ball's ideas of the impact of dark bodies in producing temporary stars, Lord Kelvin's idea of the association of double stars by impact, the idea of temporary stars being produced by grazing impact, are all parts of the theory and were all worked out in the fullest details fourteen years ago.