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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 72

Trinity Weslevan Church

Trinity Weslevan Church.

At Trinity Wesleyan Church on Sun[unclear: day] Rev. J. Newman Buttle preached a [unclear: discount] on "The Enduring Life," taking his text [unclear: from] John xii, 23, 26. He dwelt specially [unclear: upon] portion of the text which says, "He that [unclear: lo] his life shall lose it; and he that hateth [unclear: his] in this world shall keep it unto life [unclear: eter] This passage, he pointed out, contain[unclear: ed] principle of the enduring life. The examples of the operation of this principle, he observed were so numerous that a selection became [unclear: dis] cult, but he referred to the lives of [unclear: Joh] Howard, William Wilberforce, David [unclear: Livi] stone, Dr Brown, the missionary, and Dr [unclear: Staurt] as examples; and more especially to the liv[unclear: es] the two latter. In alluding to Dr Stua[unclear: rt], said it seemed that their old friend had caug[unclear: ht] his inspiration from God's truth when [unclear: he] led to live the life that he did, and to [unclear: accomplish] the work he did in their mid[unclear: st], although they loved to have him with [unclear: there] and rejoiced in his labour, although his [unclear: wa] was a distinct advantage to this [unclear: Present] moment, and although they mourned [unclear: with] heartfelt grief for his death, yet out of all [unclear: th] there would come a more fruitful blessing and in the days that were to come they would see the harvest of the seed-sowing of their [unclear: de] friend who had gone home to God. Most of them knew the doctor in his private life-some perhaps, very intimately. They rejoiced in [unclear: his] friendship, and they felt that in him there [unclear: was] one in whose heart there was sympathy everyone who was in trouble. He had a [unclear: wa] of counsel for all who needed it, and encouragement for all those whose spirits drooped by the way. It was because of the wonderful sympathy in the man's heart that they drawn to him. It was Christlike, and therefore it had a power over men's hearts. [unclear: Th] page 41 connected with his own congregation would realise too, how great their loss was at this present moment, for he gave to that church and congregation long years of devoted, [unclear: self-ficing] labour; and it seemed that the partner of his life—his young wife—was taken home at the commencement of his career that he might give a more undivided attention to his congregation, and he responded in that call. And so in connection with that church there had been established and maintained through all these years all the agencies which were suggested by the necessities of our time. After referring to the various agencies of the church, the preacher proceeded to say that the intense grief manifested by the congregation at the doctor's funeral showed how strongly his life had taken hold of the people of his church. And now his labours seemed to have been cut short, his work was done, and he had gone home to [unclear: heaven]. And what was going to be the result of it? He believed that by his life he had given to his congregation such an illustration of devotion God and the cause of humanity that it would be a distinct and decided benefit to the whole community. In the lives of scores of citizens of this place, especially in the lives of young people, there had teen such a powerful illustration of his text that night that many would say: "If leading a life like Dr Stuart means being a Christian, I shall be one with Christ."