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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 72

Class Certificates

Class Certificates.

English (A Class).

J. Allan, S. Strachan, W. Robertson, Thos. Hendry, J. Lillie, N. Douglas, Miss Prudence Bennett, J. Durie, Miss Alice Luscombe, C. Burgess, Thos. Downes, and D. Marshall.

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English (B Class).

J. Allan, H. M. Ewing, M. W. Johnson, C. Stewart, R. S. Clarke, J. Jacobs, B. Moss, R. Brickell, C. Marsden, R. Gairdner.


Miss E. Macquaid, Miss M. Lo Keong (first year), W. G. Tait, G. F. Gill, Miss A. Gresham (second year), W. Sutherland, Miss S. E. Macdonald, Miss L. Sutherland (first year).


Highest Division: First Class—A. B. Douglass; Second Class—L. Bray, R. Bray, J. Tillie, T. E. Downes, B. M. Moss, D. Marshall.

Second Division: First Class—A. Marryatt, Miss Jessie Neil; Second Class—C. E. Davey, C. Burgess, James Eager, W. C. Napier, G. Pearce.


Senior Division—John C. Begg, 97 per cent.; John McDowall, 60 per cent.

Junior Division—A. Melville, 89 per cent.; Alex. Black, 71 per cent.


First Class: G. W. Gillies and J. Chisholm, 100 per cent.; P. Gray, 97; C. Chamberlain, 97; J. Mowbray, 95; D. D! M'Donald, 92; K. Melville, 80; T. Quinn, 80. Second Class: R. Brown, 72; R. Bremner, 72; M. Johnson, 70; R. Johnson! 70; D. Marshall, 70; J. Johnson, 67; T. E. Downes, 68; b' Harper, 62. Third Class: R. Abbott, 55; R. Garside, 55; W Dutch, 55; R. Mackie, 50.

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Practical Work.—C. Burgess, R. McCarrigan, G. M. Valen-tine.

Class Work.—B. C. Aston, J. M. Allan, T. Scott, F. Loring, R. Gairdner, and C. Arkell.


Thos. Rogerson, 88 per cent.; A. E. Graham and H. Edwards, 81 per cent, each.


Miss Effie G. Gilkison, Miss Helen Middleton, Miss S. E. Macdonald, Miss N. Peake, Miss A. C. Waters, Miss I. Hanson, G. Hoffman, J. Crosby Smith, W. C. Brown, Wm. R. Brugli, B. Somerville.

Applied Mechanics and Engineering.

Senior: First Class—T. Rogerson.

Junior: First Class—T. Melville; Second Class—H. Edwards.


General Knowledge.—W. McBeath, W. Hartley, Philip Milburn (100 per cent, each), J. Cable, G. S. Finlayson, A. B. Wilson, J. Clnsholm, Wm. Sligo, W. F. Abel, R. J. McBeath, W. J. McGonigal, B. Irwin, J. E. Hutchison, C. McNaugliton, S. E. Rutherford, S. N. Brown, L. H. Mirams, Miss A. Weldon.

Speed Certificates.—(The numbers signify words per minute.) John Bolt 110, Sydney Earland 100, T. S. Tomlinson 100, H. Benfree 100, R. B. Christie 100, G. A. Lamb 100, E. Sunderland 100, J. Lillie 100, J. Jacobs 100, Wm. McBeath 80.

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Misses Annie Brydone, B. Brydone, E. Cohen, E. Maequaid, and C. McAdam; William Alexander, H. Mitchell, A. J. Williamson, J. Hutchinson, J. R. Kirk, and W. Boyd.

Cookery and Domestic Economy.

Winners of the Association's C Certificate.—Miss Barbara Anderson, Miss Catherine Bills, Miss Helen Chisholm, Miss Gertrude Heaney, Miss Isabella Hitchcock, Miss Agnes Rogers. Miss Jessie Ross.