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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 72

Constitution of Association

Constitution of Association.

1.That this Committee recommend the formation of a Society for the promotion of the education of the youths of the city by means of Evening Classes.
2.That the subjects it is proposed to teach at present be divided into three groups—viz., (A) Literary, (B) Scientific, and (C) Manual; that for admission to Classes A and B, candidates must have passed the Sixth Standard or equivalent examination.
3.That the subjects in group A include English, Latin, French, German, Shorthand, etc.; in group B, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, etc.; and in group C, Freehand and Mechanical Drawing, Carpentry, Modelling, Wood and Metal Turning, etc.
4.That any person may become a member of the Society for the current year on payment of an annual subscription of 5s., and be entitled to vote in the election of Officers.
5.That all subscribers of £5 or upwards be entitled Life Members, and have all the privileges of membership.
6.That the governing body shall consist of a Committee of eleven members, to be elected at the First Annual Meeting of the Society; five to form a quorum; five members to retire by ballot annually, but to be eligible for re-election.
7.That the governing body elect annually its own Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.
8.That the name of the Society be "The Technical Classes Association."
9.That the Classes be held in the winter months, from the beginning of April to the end of September.
10.That Fees should be charged to all pupils of these Classes.
11.That the governing body be empowered to pay the Teaching Staff fitting remuneration.