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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 71

Block III. — I.—Iopa Te Hau's Case

Block III.

I.—Iopa Te Hau's Case.

This owner admits that he sold and signed the deed. But he says that the consideration (£6 put in the deed is not the amount which he agreed—it was £'20. He signed declaration before a solicitor in which declared that £6 was the amount, but says that although he signed that declaration there was nothing in it about £6 at the time he signed it. He persisted throughout I examination in declaring that no money whatever was paid to him, except £2 give to him by Ferris, the agent, on account the £20, but he did not explain why swore and signed a declaration which [unclear: he] observed at the time did not state the amount of the purchase money. The evidence given in contradiction of his story fully proved that he had been paid £6, and Court does not credit his statement that was the purchase money agreed upon. We can see no reason why Iopa should receing £20 when the price paid for similar shares ti all the other vendors in the block was only from £5 5s to £6.

We shall therefore certify that this sale proper for validation.