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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 71

Mr. F. G. Ewington, in New Zealand Herald of March 31, April 28, May 9, 17, and 26, 1892, says:

Mr. F. G. Ewington, in New Zealand Herald of March 31, April 28, May 9, 17, and 26, 1892, says:

"Mr. George has demanded the immediate depriving of owners of their land values without compensation."

"Mr. George and his disciples are trying to force that 'hateful thing'—rack-renting—'upon us.'"

"If the tenants were compelled to compete openly against each other, as they would have to do under Mr. George's system, 'rack-renting' would be the rule and not the exception, and each tenant would have so little attachment to, and interest in, the soil, beyond his term of lease, that it would be unduly exhausted, and its products consequently diminished."

"The simple device of making landowners pay all the taxes."

Possibly both these gentlemen might somewhat modify the expressions used if they were writing at the present date, although the writer has no knowledge that they would do so. He has, however, no wish to place them at a disadvantage by quoting their past remarks. But they stand in print, and his desire is to impress everyone concerned with the inaccuracy, the total inadequacy, of such criticisms as applied to a serious controversy upon a matter of the most profound importance. There is every room for differences of opinion as to the causes of, and the most desirable cure for, the disease, but none as to the fact of its existence in our social system. These writers condemn unsparingly the solution of the difficulty proposed by Henry George. They would, no doubt, be listened to respectfully and gladly if they would advocate some other remedy. Tn the meantime, the present writer claims to have shown that their quoted objections are not applicable.