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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 71


The explanations which have thus far been given, and which are in strict harmony with the principles and methods laid down by Henry George, will surely be sufficient to show that such objections as those which follow do not apply to the system proposed by Single Taxers. These objections are a fair sample of those which have been current in public controversy and in general conversation, and they exhibit the impatient intolerance shown by its opponents, and their very imperfect mastery of the question.

Among these objections are the following:—
  • That it would involve handing everything over to officials.
  • Turning people off their land.
  • Taking the land away from the struggling settler.
  • Making him a mere tenant of the State.
  • Rack-renting him.
  • Putting all the taxation upon him to the relief of the town trader and mechanic.
  • Making him afraid to improve his land.
  • Rendering it likely that the land would go out of cultivation.

The following misapprehensions have appeared in letters written in public controversy with the present writer. The letters indicate the opinion of their authors that the results named below would follow the introduction of the Single Tax—a term which they frequently use as if it was synonymous with Land Nationalisation:—