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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 71

Chapter I. — What the Single Tax Method is

page 3

Chapter I.

What the Single Tax Method is.

Single Tax is the name given to the method by which it is proposed to effect the transfer of ground rent from the pockets of the landowners to the public chest. It contemplates—
(1.)That an assessment shall be made of the annual ground rental value of all land, and that a tax, payable by each owner at his post-office, shall be levied on this at a uniform rate, and without exemption.
(2.)That it shall begin with the present amount of tax—which is, however, levied upon a different basis—viz., upon the capital value and not on the annual—and be gradually and periodically increased.
(3.)That with each addition to the tax upon ground rental values a corresponding remission shall be made of a tax on something else, and that this double operation shall be continued until all revenue shall be derived from ground rental values.
(4.)That all rates raised by local authorities shall be levied upon the same assessment.
(5.)And, finally, that if the colonial and local revenues combined do not require the whole of the annual ground rent, then the balance shall be taken up by additional taxes or rates, and be devoted to further expenditure for the public benefit.