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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 71

Grazing Farms. — Conditions of Lease

Grazing Farms.

Conditions of Lease.

First-and Second-Class Small Gkazixg-Faiims.

1. The term of lease is twenty-one years.

2. Every applicant shall make the declaration prescribed, and [unclear: shall] immediately after the application has been approved, deposit a sum [unclear: equal] to one half-year's rent of the land applied for. Such payment shall be [unclear: in] discharge of the half-year's rent due on the 1st day of March or [unclear: Sep]tember following. He shall also pay the sum of £1 1s. for the [unclear: prepartion] of the lease and the registration thereof.

3. In case of more than one application beingt lodged on the same [unclear: due] for the same farm, priority of selection shall be decided by ballot.

4. No person can lease more than one farm.

5. Residence on the farm is compulsory, and shall commence [unclear: with] one year, unless the lessee obtain the consent of the Land Board reside on other land in his occupation.

6. Permanent improvements must be effected equal to one [unclear: year] rental by the end of the first year, to two years' rental by the end of [unclear: the] second year, and to four years' rental at the end of the sixth year. [unclear: The] improvements which have been already made upon the land shall reckoned as improvements under this clause.

7. The lessee must once a year property clean, clear from [unclear: week] and keep open all creeks, drains, ditches, and watercourses [unclear: which] are or may be upon the land, and the Commissioner of Crown [unclear: Land] shall have the power at any time to enter upon and make any [unclear: drain] road through the land that he may deem necessary.

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Seaward Range from Road to Port below "Cathedral," lookig N.E.

Seaward Range from Road to Port below "Cathedral," lookig N.E.

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8. The lessee must once a year properly cut and trim all live fences now on the land, or which may be planted upon the land during the term, and stub all gorse not growing as fences, and also stub all broom, sweet-briar and other noxious plants,

9. In the event of the lessee cultivating any of the land included in his leases he must take alternately white and root or green crops; and on the removal of the third crop the land must be sown with good permanent grasses and clovers, and be allowed to remain as pasture for at least two years from the harvesting of the last crop before being again cropped; and he must not cut the cultivated grass for hay or seed the first year of the course.

10. in the event of the lessee failing to comply with any of the covenants hereinbefore mentioned relating to the trimming of live fences and stubbing gorse, broom, and sweetbriar, and to the cleaning, clearing from weeds, and keeping open all creeks, drains, ditches, and watercourses, it shall be lawful for the Commissioner of Crown Lands to have such work done, and to recover the cost of the same from the lessee.

11. All buildings erected upon the laud shall be kept in good order and repair.

12. The lessee shall be liable for all rates, taxes, and assessments during the term.

13. One half-year's rent and £1 1s. for the lease must be paid immediately after the application has been approved; rent shall be payable half-yearly in advance dining the term of the lease.

14. The lessee shall have no right to purchase any part of the land.

15. On the expiration or other determination of the lease the former lessee shall not have any right of renewal, but shall he entitled to full valuation from the incoming lessee for improvements of a substantial character, appropriate to the lease, effected on the land.

16. In any case where it is determined that any lands included in any lease shall not again bo offered for further lease, then the amount of the valuation of the improvements as aforesaid shall be paid to the outgoing lessee or occupier, less any arrears of money due to the Crown by him in respect of such lands, and such amount shall be paid out of the Cheviot Estate Fund.

17. Such improvements shall mean and include reclamation from swamps, clearing of bush, gorse, broom, sweetbriar, or scrub, fencing, draining, sinking wells or water-tanks, constructing water-races, shecp-dips, making embankments or protective works of any kind, and in addition to the foregoing the erection of any building requisite or necessary for the purpose of working the land as a grazing-farm; and the value of all such improvements shall be ascertained one month at least before the expiry of the existing lease, in such manner as the Minister may direct.

18. If a lease is forfeited for breach of conditions, such valuation shall be made on recovering possession of the land.

19. Payment of any valuation for improvements shall be made to the Receiver of Land Revenue by the new lessee of such land before he is admitted into possession, and moneys so paid to the Receiver shall not be deemed part of the Cheviot Estate Fund.

20. The amount of the valuation for such improvements, in case of the land being relet, when paid by the new lessee, shall be paid by the Receiver of Land Revenue to the original lessee or other person entitled, and, in case of forfeiture, less any rent which may be due to the Crown at page 28 the date of such forfeiture, and the cost of recovering possession of [unclear: the] land, and also the charges and expenses of reletting such land, [unclear: and] making, issuing, and completing any fresh lease.


I,____, of *____, do solemnly and sincerely declare,—

1. That I am of the age of seventeen years and upwards.

2. That I am applying for a lease of grazing-farm No.

3. That I am applying for such lease solely for my own use [unclear: and] benefit, and not directly or indirectly for the use of any other person [unclear: to] persons whatever.

4. That I am not the holder of any run under Part VI. of "The [unclear: Land] Act, 1892," nor have I any interest in any such run.

5. That I do not own any freehold land or land held by lease or [unclear: licences] of any kind whatever anywhere in the colony, either by myself or [unclear: join the] with any other person, which, exclusive of the land I am now applying [unclear: for] the lease of, will exceed in area 5,000 acres.

6. That I am applying for the said land subject to the provisions "The Cheviot Estate Disposition Act, 1893," and "The Laud Act, 1892

And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the [unclear: same] to be true, and by virtue of an Act of the General Assembly of [unclear: New] Zealand intituled "The Justices of the Peace Act, 1882,"


Declared at____, this____day of____, 18____, [unclear: befor] me,

A.B., A Justice of the Peace in and for the Colony of New Zealand.

[For a description of each farm see page 45.]

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* Place of abode or occupation.

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