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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 71

Directions to Applicants

page 16

Directions to Applicants.

In accordance with the Act, the land has been divided into—

First-and second-class agricultural lands;
First-and second-class pastoral lands;
Village-settlement lands;
Town lands.

Nearly the whole of the first-and second-class agricultural [unclear: land] will be offered for selection on and after the 13th November, 1893.

The block of 5,000 acres around and including the [unclear: Mansion] House will be offered in one lot on the 17th November.

Only three small grazing-farms will be offered on the [unclear: 13th] November, as the other pastoral leases will not expire until the [unclear: 18th] March next.

The village-settlement lands open on the 13th November [unclear: vary] area from 4½ acres to 77 acres. Many of the 40-acre and 50-[unclear: acre] sections include the richest of the agricultural flats, and are [unclear: eminent] suitable for small farms, while the smaller areas suit the [unclear: means]; men who do not intend to devote their whole time to tillage.

The town lands, to be offered on the 17th November, [unclear: include] small portion of the best situated lots in the new Township [unclear: of] Mackenzie. Other lots will be offered from time to time as [unclear: demand] arise.

Applications for leases in perpetuity will be received up to 4 [unclear: p.m.] on Monday, the 13th November. Forms and maps may be [unclear: obtain] at the principal Land Office, Christchurch, and at the local [unclear: Land] Offices at Timaru and Cheviot.

Applications may be left at the local Land Offices at Timaru [unclear: and] Cheviot up to 4 p.m. of the 11th November, or may be [unclear: posted] as to arrive at Christchurch not later than 4 p.m. on the 13th.

The ballot for sections for which there are more than one [unclear: cant] cant will he held on Wednesday, the 15th.

No deposits are required with applications, but every [unclear: success] applicant must be prepared to pay a half-year's rent and £1 1s. [unclear: leas] fee immediately on his application being approved.

Selectors who may not find it convenient to appear [unclear: personally] the ballot should appoint an agent to select for them, or [unclear: they]

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send with their application a draft or post-office order in favour of the Receiver of Land Revenue for the first half-year's rent, which will be returned, less exchange, in case of in on-success.

Should any applicant not pay the half-year's rent on being declared successful then another ballot between the other applicants will be drawn forthwith.

Selectors who apply for more than they wish to occupy should indicate on each application the order of their choice, or inform their agent of it.

The rural and town lands for sale for cash will be disposed of in the usual way by auction; no applications for them are required, and any person can bid who is prepared to comply with the conditions of sale.