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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 71

Provision for Roads

Provision for Roads.

Roads being essential to the proper settlement of the land, the Land Act provides that one-third of the payments for lands disposed of under occupation license with right of purchase, or lease in perpetuity, and one-fourth of the rents of small grazing-runs, shall, for fifteen years from the commencement of the payments in each case, be appropriated to the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges leading to or opening-up the land so disposed or dealt with.

The moneys derived from these sources are handed over to the County Council or other local authority of the district wherein the lands are situated to be expended on roads by the local body, such expenditure being first sanctioned by the Land Board as being "for the benefit of the selectors from whose lands the moneys are derived."

Or the money may, if the Minister consents, be expended in the construction of water-races for the supply of water for irrigation, or for the drainage of such lands.