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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 71


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It is only right that I should explain my reasons for publishing this short Reply to the Lecture of the Rev. C. H. Garland. After the publication of the lecture twe months elapsed, and no answer appeared. A belief then became prevalent amongst the public, that the views stated in it were the views generally held and approved by the Wesleyan Methodist Church in New Zealand. This was not the case; but the fact that no notice was taken of the lecture very naturally seemed to confirm it. A letter on the subject of "Higher Criticism," from the Rev. C. H. Garland, then appeared in The New Zealand Methodist newspaper, with the announcement that it was to be fallowed by other; and this again seemed to strengthen the idea that the views of the Rev. C. H. Garland, were the views of the New Zealand Wesleyan Methodist Church. I therefore felt it my duty, as a member of that Church, to publish a short reply, and to utter my protest against the views contained in the Lecture, It has been a task of some difficulty, in consequence of the limited time at my disposal, and my inability to deal with some of the points raised in it, as I should have wished, in consequence of almost all my books of reference being at my home in England. This must be my apology for not dealing at greater length, and in a more critical manner, with home of the topics touched upon in the Lecture.

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