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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 70

The Branches

The Branches.

37. When it is desired to form a new Branch, the names of the Officers and Members shall be submitted to the Council, who shall have the power of declaring it duly constituted.

38. A Branch may be formed in any part of the colony, but no Branch shall consist of fewer than five Members, or continue in existence if the number fall below five. Members of the Institute where there are no Branches, shall belong to the Branch nearest or most convenient to their place of residence.

39. Once in each year, before the Annual Meeting of the Institute, a Meeting, called the Branch Annual Meeting, and consisting of the Members resident within or specially attached to the Branch, shall be held to receive and deal with the report of the Branch Committee and the Branch accounts for the year last preceding, and to elect Branch officers for the ensuing year. Representatives of the Branch upon the Council, as provided in Bylaw 28, shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of the Branch. It shall also be a part of the business of the Branch Annual Meeting, and of such other Branch General Meetings as may be held, to in- page 15 struct the Branch Delegate or Delegates to the Annual and other Meetings of the Institute as to the views of the Members of the Branch upon any question which may be under consideration. Each Branch shall elect two Delegates to vote for its absent Members at the Annual Meetings.

40. The officers of the Branch shall be the Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary, with a Committee of such other Members as may be appointed by the Annual Meeting of the Branch.

41. The duties of the Branch Officers and Committee shall be as prescribed in various parts of these By-laws; to manage the affairs of the Institute within the Branch, subject to the Constitution of the Institute; to give every possible aid to the Council; to keep the Council informed of all matters which may require their attention; to give all possible information and assistance to Members who have need of them; and to uphold and extend to the utmost the power and usefulness of the Institute, and the interests of the profession of the Press.

42. It shall be the duty of the Branch Treasurer to collect the subscriptions of the Members of the Branch as provided in Bye-law 17.

43. For defraying the expenses peculiar to the Branch, the Branch Treasurer shall be entitled to deduct five-eighths from the subscriptions received by him. After making such deduction the Branch Treasurer shall forward the balance to the Treasurer of the Institute.

44. The Branch Committees shall have power at their discretion to pay from the Branch Fund all or part of the travelling-fares of the Branch Delegates incurred in attending the Annual or other Meeting of the Institute.

45. It shall be the duty of the Branch Secretary and Treasurer to supply the central office of the Institute with all necessary information respecting the Branch, including returns of members elected, subscriptions paid, &c.; and it shall be the duty page 16 of the Branch Secretary to act as corresponded of the official organ of the Institute.

46. Once in each year the Branch Treasure shall render to the Council an account of the Branch receipts and expenditure for the year last preceding.

47. Each Branch shall have power to make rules for the conduct of its own business, provided that such rules shall not be contrary to the spirt and tenor of the Constitution of the Institute.