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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 70

The Council

The Council.

28. The Council shall be composed of the President, Vice-Presidents, and other honorary officers of the Council, and of representatives elected by the Branches, in the proportion of not more than one representative to every ten Members or fraction of that number. The Council shall take office after the Annual Meeting of the Institute. The Chairman of each Branch shall ex officio be a Member of the Council of the Institute.

29. The President for the time being shall be ex officio Chairman of the Council.

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30. The Council shall meet as often as may be necessary to transact the business of the Institute.

31. Members of the Council (excepting VicePresidents who are not appointed representatives of Branches) attending the meetings of the Council, may be allowed their travelling-fares from the general funds of the Institute.

32. Any Member of the Council may with the consent of the Branch, appoint any Member of the Institute to attend Meetings of the Council and to act and vote for him, or may vote by letter or telegram, and shall, whenever practicable, be consulted.

33. The duties of the Council shall be to carry out the objects of the Institute as set forth in Section 2 of the Constitution.

34. Should any of the offices of the Institute become vacant during the course of any year, the Council shall have power to fill such vacancies until the next Annual Meeting.

35. If any person, while he is a Member of the Institute,—
(A.)Violates any fundamental rule of the Institute applicable to him; or
(B.)Is convicted of felony or misdemeanour, or is finally declared by any Court of competent jurisdiction to have committed any fraud; or
(C.)Is held by the Council on the complaint of any Member of the Institute, or of any person aggrieved, to have been guilty of any act or default discreditable to a Journalist

He shall be liable to be excluded from Membership, or to be suspended for any period not exceeding two years from Membership, by a resolution of the Council passed at a Meeting specially convened for that purpose, with notice of the object, at which Meeting there shall be present not less than nine of the Members of the Council, and for which exclusion or suspension not less than threefourths of those present and voting shall vote, and page 14 the Member having first had an opportunity of being heard; but any such exclusion or suspension may be at any time revoked or modified by the Council at a like Meeting by such majority as aforesaid, subject to such terms and conditions (if any) as the Council think fit, and notice of any resolution for exclusion or suspension shall forthwith be sent to the person affected thereby. In the event of a three-fourths majority of the Council not voting for such exclusion or suspension, no entry of the matter shall be made upon the minutes.

36. The Council shall be empowered on behalf of the Institute, with the consent of a three-fourth majority of the Branches, to affiliate with any Institute or Society of a cognate character.