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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 70



1. The Institute shall consist of Members, Associates, Junior-associates, and Honorary Members.

2. Members shall be persons not less than twenty years of age, who are or who at some period prior to their election have been for at least two years in actual practice as professional Journalists. They shall be elected by the Branch, or by the Council after reference to the Branch Committee. Before electing any candidate the Council or Branch must be satisfied of such Candidate's qualifications and fitness for membership. A description of the qualification must be entered upon the form of application or nomination for election; and such election shall be by ballot. Candidates of less than two years' professional practice may be temporarily elected as Junior Associates, and shall become Members on completion of that term. Members who have filled the office of President or Vice-President, or who have been Chairman of a Branch for two successive years, shall be entitled to be designated Fellows of the Institute.

3. Associates shall be persons of not less than twenty years of age, ineligible as Members, but by reason of their relations with Journalism, qualified to co-operate with Journalists in the advancement and service of the profession. The page 8 mode of election of Associates shall be similar in all respects to the mode of election of Members.

4. Junior Associates shall be persons not less than sixteen years of age, engaged (under indenture or otherwise) in training for the profession of Journalism. The mode of election of Junior Associates shall be similar in all respects to the mode of election of Members. Upon Incoming qualified for the class of Members, a Junior Associate may be transferred to that class 6y the ordinary course of election.

5. Honorary Members shall be persons who have rendered, or who, by reason of position, eminence, or experience, may be enabled to render, assistance in promoting the objects of the Institute. They shall be entitled to the ordinary privileges of Membership, except the right to vote. Honorary Members shall be nominated by Members of the Council or by Branches, and shall be elected by the Council.

6. Associates, Junior Associates, and Honorary Members shall be entitled to attend and to speak at General and Branch Meetings of the Institute, but not to exercise any vote in relation to the affairs of the Institute.

7. Women possessing the specified qualifications shall be eligible for the several classes of Membership, and the masculine pronouns, when used in these By-laws, shall be read as applying to both sexes.

8. The qualifications recognised by the Institute as constituting any person a Journalist within the meaning of these By-laws shall be the following :—
(A.)That he is or has been professionally and habitually engaged as Editor of a Journal.
(B.)That he is or has been professionally and habitually engaged upon the staff of a Journal in the capacity of a leaderwriter, writer of special articles, artist, page 9 special correspondent. Literary Manager, Assistant-editor, Sub-editor, Reporter, or Reader.
(C.)That he is or has been professionally and habitually engaged in supplying Journals with articles, illustrations, correspondence, or reports.

9. The Council shall have full power to decide any question which may arise as to the qualification of any of any Candidate for any class of Membership. If in the opinion of the Council the qualification of any Member does not fully comply with the By-laws and Regulations of the Institute relating to the class to which such Member has been elected, the Council shall have power to rescind the election of such Member, or to transfer him to another class of Membership.

10. The Officers of the Institute shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of Members of the Institute