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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 70

The New Zealand Institute of Journalists. — Constitution

The New Zealand Institute of Journalists.


banner with the word 'constitution'
1.The name of the Society shall be "The New Zealand Institute of Journalists."
2.The objects and purposes for which the Institute of Journalists (hereinafter called "the Institute") is hereby constituted, are the following:—
(A.)Devising measures for testing the qualifications of candidates for admission to professional membership of the Institute by examination in theory and in practice or by any other actual and practical tests.
(B.)The promotion of whatever may tend to the elevation of the status and the improvement of the qualifications of all Members of the Journalistic profession.
(C.)The ascertainment of the law and practice relating to all things connected with the Journalistic profession and the exercise of supervision over its page 4 Members when engaged in professions: duties.
(D.)The collection, collation, and publication of information of service or interest to Members of the Journalistic profession
(E.)Watching any legislation affecting the discharge by Journalists of their professional duties and endeavouring to obtain amendments of the law affecting Journalists, their duties or interests.
(F.)Acting as a means of communication between Members or others seeking professional engagements and employers desirous of employing them.
(G.)Promoting personal or friendly intercourse between Members of the Institute; holding conferences and meetings for the discussion of professional affairs, interests, and duties.
(H.)The promotion, encouragement or assistance of means for providing against misfortune.
(I.)Securing the advancement of Journalism in all its branches, and obtaining for Journalists as such formal and definite professional standing.
(J.)The promotion by all reasonable means of the interests of Journalists and Journalism.
3.The Institute shall consist of a President, Vice-Presidents (not exceeding three in number), a Council, and such classes of Members as may be from time to time prescribed by By-laws of the Institute. The President and Vice-Presidents, and the Chairmen of Branches shall be Members of the Council.page 5
4.The President, Vice-Presidents, and Members of the Council shall hold office until the due election of their successors in accordance with the By-laws of the Institute.
5.The Institute shall have such permanent officers as the By-laws of the Institute may prescribe, and such other officers as the Council may from time to time appoint.
6.The government of the Institute and its affairs shall be vested in the Council.
7.Any alterations of, or additions to, the Constitution of the Institute, or By-laws made thereunder, shall be made only at the Annual Meeting of Members, and six weeks* notice of such proposed alterations or additions must be given to the Secretary of the Institute, who shall forthwith communicate the same to the Council and to all Branches.
8.The By-laws of the Institute may provide with respect to all or any of the following matters :—
(1.)The carrying out of any of the objects of the Institute, and the regulation of its proceedings.
(2.)The qualifications, election, removal, and classification of Members of the Institute and the conditions of Membership (including contributions to the funds of the Institute).
(3.)The qualifications, election, removal, continuance in office and duties of the President, Vice-Presidents, and Members of the Council, and the number of VicePresidents.page break
(4.)The qualifications, appointment, dismissal, duties, and remuneration of the Officers of the Institute.
(5.)The management of the funds and property of the Institute, and the conduct of the business of the Institute.
(6.)The organisation of the Institute and the establishment of Branches.