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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 70

VII.—Teachers and the Education Department

page 17

VII.—Teachers and the Education Department.

The Institute by frequent interviews with successive Ministers for Education and with the Inspector-General, has been enabled to create and maintain very friendly relations between the Education Department and teachers—relations that cannot fail to be productive of good to the cause of education and to the teaching profession. To such an extent has the work of the Institute been recognised as useful and important work that the Government has been pleased to show its appreciation thereof by an annual grant towards the expenses of the annual meeting of the Institute. Your Committee is not quite sure how far it is fair to the Institute to attempt to judge of the success of its work by parading on paper a number of specific reforms or modifications of the education system. In the opinion of your Committee much good and useful work done by such a body as the Institute must necessarily be of a somewhat intangible and indirect kind—of a kind, that is to say, that will not easily lend itself to precise and formal statement or definition. The influence and work of the Institute must not be judged of solely by the number of instances which the Institute may definitely point to as the result of its work and discussions, though even looked at from this point of view, the résumé which your committee has presented shows some results by no means insignificant.