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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 70

Appendix A. — Reduction of Teachers' Salaries

Appendix A.

Reduction of Teachers' Salaries.

At a meeting of the Committee of Management of the Otago Educational Institute, held in the Normal School on 11th July, 1892, the subjoined statement was formulated and agreed to, and the Secretary was instructed to forward a copy of it to each member of the Education Board, as well as to the Board's Secretary:—

In accordance with the resolutions passed at the recent Annual Meeting of the Educational Institute of Otago, the Committee of Management of the Institute beg to bring under the notice of the Education Board the following statement relating to teacher's salaries :—

The Institute desires to call the attention of members of the Board to the several reductions which have been made in teachers' salaries during the past three years.

1.In 1888, owing to the reduction in the capitation allowance, the fixed salaries of teachers were reduced by from 1 to 7½ per cent., and over and above this general reduction, all teachers receiving a bonus had the amount of their bonus reduced by £10.
2.In 1891, by regulation of the Board, teachers' salaries were materially reduced (1) by abolishing all bonuses to teachers below division II. of their rank, and' (2) by reducing the amount of the remaining bonuses by one-fourth.

The extent of reduction in the smaller salaries, by the abolition of bonuses, is shown approximately as follows:—Four teachers lose £30 each, six teachers lose £20 each, and 67 teachers lose £10 each, the total saving effected by abolition of bonuses being £910. It may be mentioned that the salaries thus affected are in almost every case under £200 per annum.

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The extent of reduction in salaries by deducting one-fourth from the remaining; bonuses is shown approximately as follows:—
7 teachers lose £12 10 0 each = £ 87 10 0
24 teachers lose 10 0 0 each = 240 0 0
44 teachers lose 7 10 0 each = 330 0 0
50 teachers lose 5 0 0 each = 250 0 0
48 teachers lose 2 10 0 each = 120 0 0
Total £1027 10 0
Total saving effected by abolition and reduction of bonuses £1,937 10 0

Whilst teachers' salaries have been reduced by the above amount, it appears from the last report that the Board has seen fit to increase the salaries of some if not all of the Board's officials.

Seeing that the capitation allowance has not been reduced since 1888, and that the cost of maintenance (£3 13s. 2¾d.) is still under the statutory amount of £3 15s. for each child, the Institute is led to the conclusion that the above serious reductions have been caused by the Board's withdrawing large sums of money from the maintenance account to be used (1) for the purpose of building schools, and (2) for the purpose of maintaining the Training College.

With regard to the transfer of moneys from the maintenance account to building fund, the Institute find their opinion corroborated by the Hon. the Minister for Education in his report for 1890, the following being an extract from his report:—"In the case of Otago, the building fund will be nearly £3000 in debt to the maintenance fund when the outstanding liabilities under building contracts are discharged."

In connection with the maintenance of the Training College out of the capitation allowance, while the Institute is distinctly of opinion that a Training Institute for teachers is necessary, it is also of opinion that the cost of maintaining such an institution should be provided for by a vote from the general Government, especially as the local institution is training teachers for other educational districts. The Institute, therefore, hopes that the Education Board will continue to urge the Minister for Education to set apart a sum of money for this purpose.

Signed on behalf of the Committee of Management,

J. R. Don

, Secretary.