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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 70

Sessional Committees

Sessional Committees.

The President said that the next business was to draw up a scheme of the work for the Committees to transact during the Conference. Such a scheme had been drafted at the last Conference, but had not been approved, and therefore none had been drafted this year.

The following Sessional Committees were thereupon elected:—Standards of Education—Messrs R. D. Stewait (convener), W, T. Grundy, J. T. Campbell, J. W. Joynt, G. Wilmot, T. S. Foster, D. White, W. H. Clarke and G. W. Murray. Interpretation of Acts—Messrs J. M. Murray (convener), W. S. Fitzgerald, G. Stevens, G. Wilmot, G. Flux and R. D. Stewart. Amendments to the Constitution—Messrs W. S. Fitzgerald (convener), R. D. Stewart, W. F. Ford, H. Kitchingman, J. W. Joynt, J. Speight, G. Stevens, J. Bennie, C. A. Strack, J. M. Murray and G. Lippiatt, with power to add. Training College—Messrs J. Rennie (convener), G. Lippiatt, G. Flux, J. D. Campbell, J. W. Joynt, G. Wilmot, E. U. Just and D. White. Reforms and Improvements—Messrs D. White (convener), T. S. Foster, J. Rennie, W. H. Clarke and C. S Howard. Teachers' Pensions—Messrs W. H. Clarke (convener) G. W. Murray, W. F. Ford, J. W. Joynt, D. White, J. Rennie, C. A. Strack and G. Wilmot. Uniformity of Books—Messrs D. White (convener), D. Ferguson, E. U. Just, R. D. Stewart, G. W. Murray and W. T. Grundy. Uniformity of Salaries—Messrs C. A. Strack (convener), G. Lippiatt, J. T. Campbell, G. Stevens, J. M. Murray and E. U. Just.