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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 70

The Omahu Re-Hearing

page 26

The Omahu Re-Hearing.

Chief Judge Seth Smith yesterday delivered judgment in the Omaha rehearing case. The general impression among those interested is that the judgment leaves things very much as they were before the appeal, so far as the principal parties are concerned. Broughton's people retain their settlement at Omahu, bat otherwise have not improved their position. The following is the text of the judgment:—

We find that the persons entitled under the several rights are in number as iollows:—Wiremina Ngahuka's people, 12; William Broughton's people, 59; Airini Donnelly's people, 39, We have determined to divide the land in the following order:—

We define the interest of Wiremina Ngahuka and her party as that part of the land at the western end of the block, containing 480 acres (Omahu I.), which is bounded by a line drawn from the point where the Ohiwia stream leaves the Runanga lake, then over the middle line of that stream nearest the Hutimoana lake, and thence by a swinging line drawn to the western boundary of the block so as to give the required area, the residue of the boundary being the western boundary of the block to the northern end of the Runanga lake, and thence along the northern shore of the lake to the storting point.

The residue of the block we divide by a line drawn from the north-west corner of the Waipiropiro block to the Oinga lake at Hauhau, thence by a straight line to the southern end of the Kautuku lake at its outlet, thence by a swinging line such that the area to the south (Omahu II) shall contain 2500 acres. This portion we award to William Broughton and his party.

The residue of the block, which we award to Airini Donnelly and her party, is estimated to contain 4420 acres. Of this we award 3430 (Omaha III.) to those who derive their right from Te Rangika mangunu and Hawea, and 990 acres (Omahu IV.) to those who are entitled as Ngati Upokoirl.

In estimating the area to which Wire mina Ngahukas party are entitled, we have included the interest of Hemi Nuku and Hohepa te Umurangi, which we define as 65 acres each. We have not yet defined the boundary between the two sections of Airini's party. Before doing so we prefer to give the persons interested the opportunity of coming to an arrangement between themselves. We shall reserve that matter till to-morrow.