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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 70

Elective Governor

Elective Governor.

The next great constitutional reform which should be accomplished is the change of the office of Governor from a nominated to an elective one. (Applause.) You should determine that every office in the state should be open to every citizen of the state. Why should we permit an English statesman, who is almost wholly unacquainted with our requirements and circumstances, to choose for us our highest administrative officer? If you will reflect on it for a moment you will see that our receiving a Governor from the Secretary of State for the Colonies is a most humiliating confession of our insignificance and abasement. There is no more reason why we should receive our Governor from Great Britain than there is for our receiving our judges. In the infancy of the colony our judges were appointed in England, but that system has now passed away, and the time has also come for the system of having our Governors nominated by Downing-street to pass away for ever. (Cheers.)