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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 70

The "Unemployed" Question

The "Unemployed" Question.

In the near future there can be no doubt that the people will insist on its statesmen finding an adequate solution of the "unemployed" question. It is monstrous to suppose that no page 14 method can be devised by which the perennial existence of a class of unemployed vigorous and willing workers in our midst can be remedied. In some of the most unenlightened countries in the world there are no unemployed. There are no unemployed even in China. And if amongst a people so benighted according to Western ideas as the Chinese the problem of providing work for all the capable inhabitants has been solved, surely a race like ourselves, possessing to the full the advantages of nineteenth century civilisation, cannot say that the same problem among our own people is insoluble.