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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 70

The Rev. Arthur Brinckman

The Rev. Arthur Brinckman.

The Rev. Arthur Bkinckman is the youngest son of the late Sir Theodore Brinckman, Bart. He entered the Oxford Militia, 1854, and 94th Foot in 1855, serving in Ireland, Gibraltar, and India. In consequence of the frequent and vexatious changes introduced into the service many officers retired from the Army about the year 1860, the subject of this notice among them.

Before returning to England Mr. Britickman spent two years shooting in Cashmere and Ladak, and it is supposed that he and Col. Peyton of the 87th were two of the most successful sportsmen who ever hunted in these regions. His "Rifle in Cashmere," was published in 1862, and very soon became "out of print."

On his return to England he became, through the kindness of the late Bishop Wilberforce, a student of Cuddesdon College, and was ordained priest in December, 1864. In this year he married Edith, the eldest daughter of the Rev. H. H. Swinny, the page 73 principal of Cuddesdon, and returned with her to Cashmere in 1865 as an honorary missionary of the S.P.G. For the next two years he assisted Dr. Elmslie the medical missionary, his knowledge of the language being most useful in hunting up patients for the doctor.

In 1857 the cholera broke out, and the two missionaries remained alone at Lerinnuggur, do in what they could for the poor Cashmerees. Mrs. Brinckman fell a victim to this terrible disease, and her husband then returned to England with his child, He did not go to Cashmere for permanent mission work, but only as a volunteer for two years to try to do something for the Gospel amongst his old friends in that country Soon after his return, with the hearty sympathy of the late Sir T. D. Forsyth and other well known men, he endeavoured to call the attention of the Home Government to the mis-rule and oppression prevailing in the so-called "happy valley," and he placarded the walls of London with huge posters, calling attention to the "Wrongs of Cashmere," Things are now much improved, and the English Government have for some time caused Cashmere affairs to be better managed.

Mr. Brinckman then settled in Edinburgh for three years, studying medicine at the University for a time, and working in the Wynds in the Cowgate district, also acting as assistant Chaplain to the House of Mercy.

In 1870, in response to a pressing invitation of Mr. page 74 Upton Richards, he joined the staff of All [unclear: Saint] Margaret Street, remaining there for about [unclear: seventeen] years with a nominal salary. During this period [unclear: he] was for twelve years Chaplain to the nurses [unclear: a] University College Hospital, and Sub-Chaplain to [unclear: the] All Saints Sisters, with whose assistance he [unclear: founded] the St. Agnes Hospital for the Fallen in 1874. [unclear: To] this Institution, which has been recently enlarged, [unclear: he] is still the Chaplain. In the Jubilee year, 1887, [unclear: this] hospital buried its fiftieth patient in its own [unclear: private] graves at Brompton.

On his retirement from All Saints, Margaret [unclear: Street] thirteen members of the congregation, who [unclear: withhek] their names, privately presented Mr. [unclear: Brinckman] through one of the churchwardens, with the sum [unclear: of] five hundred pounds. He has twice been offered [unclear: a] bishopric in Africa.

Before his ordination, Mr. Brinckman enjoyed [unclear: some] reputation as a sportsman; besides his success [unclear: with] the rifle in the Himalayan, he has probably caught [unclear: as] many Thames trout as any gentleman who fishes [unclear: or] the river. It is a fact that he caught a Thames [unclear: trout] of nearly six pounds within an hour, the very [unclear: first] time he ever had a fly rod in his hand. This [unclear: was] many years ago, the well-known Thames [unclear: fisherman] Harry Wilder, being present at the time. He [unclear: also] won a foot race on the Curragh race course when [unclear: the] Lord Lieutenant was present in 1857, seven [unclear: winner] of other races having entered.

page 75

He has published a large number of books and pamphlets on a variety of subjects, his "Notes on the care of the sick" meeting with a warm approval from the highest authorities. His "Love beyond the Grave," has been quite a little boon to mourners, and has reached its seventh edition. He is a very determined opponent to the Roman Catholics, and seems to devote most of his energies to resisting their efforts, and to trying to do some useful work among the fallen. This latter work and his manner of doing it is not after the popular methods; his opinion is that it cannot be done too quietly and sensibly. At the time of the Pall Mall Gazette sensation, he was importuned by Mr. Stead to speak at the great meeting at St, James Hall; but told his correspondent that he did not agree with him, "politically, ecclesiastically, or morally." And when he received the circular asking ministers to advise their flocks to attend the great demonstration in Hyde Park, he told the All Saint's congregation that of course it was not for him to advise them where to go for their walks; but that if any of them did value his advice on the matter he, would say in reference to this circular, "wherever you go, keep away from Hyde Park."

As regards his military experiences, Mr. Brinckman has never regretted having been in another profession before taking holy orders, and says he should never wish to meet or know a nicer set of men than his old companions in arms. It is also his opinion that it page 76 would be a very good thing if the old Jewish law [unclear: was] in force, that no one should be a priest till he [unclear: was] thirty, and to have the opportunity of seeing the [unclear: word] a little before ordination.

We may mention that he is now endeavouring [unclear: traise] funds for the endowment of a bishopric [unclear: is] Cashmere.