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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 70

North Otago — Bible in Schools Association

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North Otago

Bible in Schools Association.

North Otago

North Otago

Bible in Schools Association.

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet,
And a light unto my path."

President of Association:Rev. James Macgregor, D.D.
Vice-President:Rev. J. A. Luxford.
Secretary:Mr. P. B. Fraser, M.A.
Treasurer:Mr. J. R. Elder.


Messrs D. Dunn (Mayor of Oamaru), Gideon Rutherford (Kakanui), J. S. Holmes (Awamoa), J. Annand (Oamaru), M. Bell (Oamaru), W. H. Cottrell (Oamaru), Anthony Paterson (Otepopo), J. Findlay (Hampden), Duncan Sutherland (Omarama), Alex. Murdoch (Ngapara), Peter Aitchison (Awamoko), Matthew Morton (Kakanui), Rev. Jas. Clarke (Palmerston), Rev. P. S. Hay (Duntroon).

A Public Meeting of those favorable to permitted use of the Bible in Common School Instruction, under the National Education System of New Zealand, was called to be held in St. Andrew's Hall, Oamaru, on the 8th June, 1892, at 7.30 p.m., his Worship the Mayor in the Chair. The said meeting adopted the following resolutions:—
1."That in the National Education System of this country there ought to be permitted the reading of the Bible in the common schools, because it is desired by a majority of the people of the country on the ground that the Bible is God's word for mankind "
2."That there ought to be permitted use of the Bible in schools, because the Bible is of singular value as an instrument of education and is a creative influence in the modern civilisation, such that to grow up in ignorance of it is to be not educated in that civilisation."
3."That this meeting do now constitute a North Otago Association for Bible in Schools, to consist of all citizens of both sexes of full age who shall intimate their desire to be members, and pay Is for one year. And the meeting appoint the following, with power to add to their number, a central committee of the Association for a year, to prepare and transmit to both Houses of Parliament a petition in terms of the present resolutions signed by his Worship the chairman, and to arrange for connected movement in the interest represented by the petition, such as forming branches of the Association in localities of North Otago, with local branch committees, and co-operating in league with friends of the cause in New Zealand, with a view to speedy attainment of an amendment of the Education Act to the effect of permitted use of the Bible in common school instruction under the Act: President of Association, Rev. Dr Macgregor; vice-president, Rev. Mr Luxford; treasurer, Mr James R. Elder, Maheno; secretary, Mr P.B. Fraser, M.A.; committee—Messrs Dunn; Gideon Rutherford, Kakanui; James S. Holmes, Awamoa; Annand, Bell, Cottrell; A. Paterson, Otepopo; J. Findlay, Hampden."

All communications to be addressed to

P. B. Eraser

, Secretary, Bible in Schools Association, Oamaru.