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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 70

Works By The Rev. Dr. Macgregor, Oamaru. [advert]

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Works By [unclear: The] Rev. Dr. Macgregor, Oamaru. [advert]

[unclear: The] following two, recently published, can be had from Mr. Fraser, Oamaru, and other booksellers.)

The Apology of the Christian Religion,

[unclear: fcically] regarded with reference to supernatural Revelation and Redemption. Price, 12s "Fresh and original, sustained and powerful, it is an apology of the noblest kind,' [unclear: whatnever] apologises, but courageously drives the enemy into that position. Dr Macgregor [unclear: great], both in the conception of his subject, and his skill in working it out, and his [unclear: does] indeed reach the magnificent claim winch his title makes for it." The Expository [unclear: London].)


With introduction, commentary, special notes, plans, etc. (2 vols.) Price, 5s.

"A marvellous repertory of information. .... In our judgment it is the ablest and [unclear: compendious] exposition of the Book of Exodus ever published in this country." [unclear: Metho] New Conversion Magazine, (London). "This really great work on Exodus. . . . [unclear: sentence] is weighty, striking, and suggestive. The introduction is, up to date, the [unclear: and] fullest essay on the Second Book of Moses." Brighouse Gazette.

The Epistle of Paul to the Churches of Galatia,

[unclear: A] introduction and notes. Price, 2s. (Can be had from the author by post, on order with price prepaid.)

"Sound, fresh, vigorous, and learned, it opens up the Epistle in a way which makes [unclear: running] plain to the commonest capacity." Free Church (of Scotland) Record.

Christian Doctrine,

[unclear: art]-book for Youth. Price, Is 3d. (Orders will be received by the author for this work, which at present is not to be had in New Zealand, but is being sent for.)

"A little book, but containing a whole system of theology. The arrangement is [unclear: the] language is the clearest possible, and the Scripture proofs are very full. It [unclear: a] desideratum which was not a little felt." Free Church Record. "Its manner [unclear: is] remarkably fresh The strength and imperious originality of the [unclear: come] out alike in the plan of the book, and its elaboration The thinking [unclear: old], massive, and fine." News of the Churches.

[unclear: hlets] to be had from the author on order with price prepaid. [unclear: hidder], Rob Roy, etc., Lecture to the Gaelic Society of Dunedin.—Price, 1s.

The Land Question.

[unclear: with] special reference to New Zealand and Old Scotland; two lectures for the relief of destitution in Lewes, A.D. 1883.

Price, One Shilling.

Regarding Evolution,

[unclear: previou] question of Science; substance of a paper read to the New Zealand Institute.

Price, - - One Shilling.


[unclear: Doctine] of the Person of Christ, (ready a considerable time ago, is waiting for its turn of publication in the Dods and Whyte series of Handbooks.)