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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 70

The Best Security

The Best Security.

We must have equal laws, giving equal opportunities to all; and he is an enemy of his race, be he Liberal or Conservative, who will truckle to one class by legislating against another class. I think the National Association is right in its resolve to oppose class legislation, but "what can we expect from M.H.R.'s who try to secure for their own wages better legal protection than they accord to working men's wages? And what a reprehensible piece of class bias it is which puts all the machinery of the State in motion to procure work for only a particular section of the unemployed. If some men are sent from place to place at the public expense, and found work, why should not all men who need work be treated the same? And why not the unemployed women? especially widows with families. Clerks, broken-down traders, and some others, cannot break stones or do navvy work; but, if the State finds work for the horny-handed, why not for clerks and others? Is it because the one-man-one-vote gives a section the power to make and unmake Governments or Parliaments, and therefore, that section must be provided for? This class bias will work much mischief, and the perpetrators of it will be execrated some day. The taxpayer is now literally forced to pay for State aid in getting work for a mere section of the unemployed, while other sections of it are ignored.