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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 70


The second plank is "To promote agricultural, mining, commercial, and manufacturing enterprise by removing obstacles to their development." Surely all persons must wish the Association success in that work, for on the development of these things depends our prosperity and welfare. Now our sons are leaving our shores and our daughters are vegetating because there are no openings for their handiwork. If our industries flourished our children would thrive, there, would not be complaining in our streets, and those of us on whom devolve the burdens and responsibilities of families would not be fretting our hearts away with disappointments and losses that make life scarcely worth living. New Zealand is verily one of the most favoured countries page 9 under the sun in many respects, but over speculation and administrative mismanagement have imposed upon us burdens scarcely to be borne. It is needless to say I do not blame the present Government for what took place before its advent to power.

What Lord Selbourne said of England applies equally to New Zealand:—"The time has come when, if this country is to be preserved from serious perils, honest men must inquire not what anyone with whom they are invited to co-operate may call himself but what he is, and what the political objects are for which he would use the power if he had it." The National Association will use its power to remove any and every obstacle to progress by whomsoever made, be he dubbed Liberal or Conservative.