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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 70

Rising Above Party

Rising Above Party.

It will know no party except the nation; it will hold no truce with political carpet-baggers; it throws down the gauntlet to every enemy of the Constitution, to every assailant of the rights of property and liberties of the people. The cottager, with his little freehold, and the depositor of hard earnings in the Savings Banks for old age and sickness, will be covered with its shield and defended as unflinchingly as will the greatest man in the land who faithfully discharges the duties incumbent on good citizens and Patriots. The land of our adoption is worth fighting for; and the day is not far distant when her sons will love her soil as fervently us the patriotic Swiss love their native hills, and the sons of Erin love the Emerald Isle. Our scenery is unsurpassed by the famous beauty of Southern Europe, our climate is second to none for health and longevity, our resources in sea and laud are boundless, and the masses of the population are worthy offspring of the most free, mighty, enlightened and progressive of nations.