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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 70

Mr Lawrie to Robert Dobson. Edinburgh, 28th November, 1889

page 14
Mr Lawrie to Robert Dobson. Edinburgh,

I was recently asked to join the Board of the "Colonial," and in a weak moment I consented. Had I known the true position of the Company, or what I suspect to be its true position. I should never have touched it; hut now I am there I must do what I can, whether by amalgamation, or by gradual winding-up, or by getting fresh life infused by some means or other to aid the weakling. I say no more on this head. But whatever we do we must know our true position; that must be the foundation on which any new policy must be built, and to attain that end I have induced the Directors to commission you to examine and report.

The Secretary's (Hon. F. J. Moncrieff) letter of instructions goes to you by this mail, and I am requested by the Board to say to you that, while they are desirous of being as economical as their circumstances demand, all your expenses and a proper fee will be paid you for the work you do. Mr Fleming and I know how thorough that work will be and thorough it must be if any good is to be done. He will also have written you saying that this is" consented to by us of the Northern, and I trust you will be able to carry out the "Colonial's" wishes with as little delay as possible.