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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69

Regatta Events

Regatta Events.

In the forenoon the events of the Jubilee Regatta which had to be contested again in consequence of the numerous protests that had been lodged, were decided. There was a light breeze for the sailing races, and in the majority of cases nearly all the competitors who had taken part in the races on Wednesday again faced the starter. In consequence of the alteration in the course, however, the exact amount of the time allowances could not be properly calculated, and the results of the races below are therefore given as the craft finished, but probably several of those who came in first will not be the ultimate winners of the prizes when the apportionment of allowances is taken into consideration. Mr. J. F. Haultain proved an efficient starter, and Mr. J. 13. Graham, as usual, was a painstaking and impartial judge. The details of the races are appended:—

Second Class Yachts.—This was the race for craft between 4 and 7 tons. Only three vessels started, the Mapu, Which came in first on Regatta Day, had carried away her gaff the day previous, and came to the post too late to have any chance. The Spray was ahead for the most of the first round, but was eventually passed by the Tawera, which came in an easy winner, the positions at the finish being as follows:—Tawera, 2h. 56m. 30s., 1; Spray, 3h. 6m. 28s., 2; Juvarnia, 3h. 11m. 30s., 3. The Tawera therefore wins the valuable cup presented by the Colonial Insurance Company, as well as the announced prize money.

First-Class Fishing Boats.—All those who had contested on Regatta Day again came to the start, which was an excellent one, all being sent off on very even terms. The Foam with her small sails was out of the race. The May was the first to round the North Head, but as she had not a great spread of canvas, her owner evidently calculating on a stiff breeze, she was afterwards passed by both the Christina and the Caprera which were better prepared for the light wind. The Foam gave up early in the race being distanced. The order in which the boats finished was:—Christina, 2h. 54m 1; Caprera, 2h. 58m. 45s.,2; May, 2h. 59m. 30s 3; Laurina, 3h. 5m. 30s., 4.

Third Class Yachts.—Six craft answered the starter's signal, and were sent away on even terms. The Manola soon asserted her superiority, and repeated her performance of the 29th, but the other craft made repeated changes in their positions, the yachts which; had any chance with the Manola being the Matea and Tangaroa. The Isca was late in starting, and was considerably handicapped thereby. The result was: Manola, 3h. 33m. 20s., 1; Matea 3h. 34m. 21s.,2; Tangaroa, 34m. 55s., 3; Isca, 3h. 40m. 30s., 4; Maia, 3h. 42m., 5.

Small Fishing Boats.—Nearly all the competitors of Regatta Day again came forward, and though the breeze was very light, a fair race ensued. Owing to an alteration being made in the time of starting, the May Queen was about six minutes late in starting,: and at the finish was well up with the leaders, the order being: Venice, 1h. 39m, 1; Mignonette, lh. 45m., 2; Lita, lh. 48m., 3; May Queen, lh. 51m. 45s., 4; Mary' 1h. 52m., 5.

Fourth Class Yachts.—This was a very good race, but would have been more exciting had there been a stronger wind, The result was: Italy, 2h. 39m., 1; Maud, 41m., 2; Doris, 2h. 48m., 3; Malvina, 2h. 53m., 4.

Junior Whaleboats.—This race was one of those which had to be re-contested. St. George's, which won so easily on Regatta Day, did not compete, the starters being North Shore. Hauraki, and City. A good contest ensued for half the distance, when page 95 the North Shore, who were second on Regatta Day, won easily, Hauraki being second, and City third.

Gig Race.—A match between two four-oared gig crews from the Poverty Bay and Auckland Rowing Clubs took place. A very fair contest ensued for a mile, when the visitors drew away, and won at the finish somewhat easily by a couple of lengths.

As showing the masses of people which have been handled durine the Jubilee week, and transported to and fro without a single hitch or accident, we give the returns of the Devonport Steam Ferry Company and the Auckland Tramway Company. The ferry steamers carried 51,332, and the Tramway Company about 50,000. The 'buses and cabs must also have carried about 20,000, and the railways must have carried some 20,000, making over 140,000 persons in all, or the population of Auckland and suburbs shifted more than twice over.