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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69

Squadron and Amateur Sports

Squadron and Amateur Sports.

100 Yards Race.—J. Lydon (Orlando), 1; F. Stimpson (Orlando), 2; W. Keleher and G. Raynor, dead heat for third place. Seven started. Time, 11½s.

150 Yards Handicap.—This race, for the members of the A. A. A.C. Club, was run in two heats and a final. A good Held of seven started in the first, and after a good race it resulted: A. Smith, 11 yards, 1; J. Hill, 13 yards, 2; R. Jeffreys, 17 yards, 3. Time, 15¼s. The second heat was also a good contest. The limit man, Barton, led for most of the way, but Hutchison came at the finish and won with something in hand: J. P. Hutchison, 5 yards, 1; N. Barton, 14 yards, 2; M. H. Laird, 2½ yards, 3. Time, 15¼s. In the final all six placed men started, and a fierce struggle for victory resulted. When 100 yards had been traversed Smith had a good lead, but Hutchison came at the finish in a most determined manner and just beat him on the tape by a couple of inches, Laird being halt a yard away third, and the field well up: J. P. Hutchison, 5 yards, 1; A. Smith, 11 yards, 2; M. H. Laira, 2½ yards, 3. Time, 15s.

Quarter Mile.—Eight men from the squadron started for this event all from scratch. They went away at a very merry pace, and J. Lydon got a good lead, which he held till the back of the course, when G. Raynor displaced him, and running strongly won rather easily by about eight yards: Gr. Raynor (Opal), 1; J. Lydon Orlando), 2; W. Keleher (Opal), 3.

One Mile Bicycle.—This was a first-class race. Eleven started. Rollo fell when he had gone 10 yards. The limit man, Hoffman, led the first round, but the scratch division were closing up rapidly. Selby displaced Taylor, and at the back of the course in the second round Lecky came up, and getting on terms with the leader passed him in the straight. Howard then spurted strongly, and was leading in the last lap, Buchanan and Short both passed Lecky, and the former drew up to Howard's hind wheel, but the page 92 latter held his own, and won rather easily by a couple of lengths: A. Howard, scratch, 1; A. G. Buchanan, 20 yards, 2; H. Short, 100 yards, 3. Time, 3m. 20s.

220 Yards Veterans' Race.—This was for all-comers from the squadron, and a good field started. A spirited contest ensued, but on turning into the straight A. Gunn took the lead, and leaving his field rapidly won by 10 yards: A. Gunn (Orlando), 1; Stanzon (Lizard), 2; W. Warburton, 3.

120 Yards Hurdles.—A most amusing event took place for this contest. Nine started, and at the first hurdle several fell, and nearly every one of the ten flights was tumbled over before the race finished. F. Stimpson, who jumped well throughout, won after a good finish. F. Stimpson (Orlando), 1; W. Martin (Orlando), 2; W. Payne (Orlando), 3.

Wheelbarrow Race (100 Yards).—This event, for bluejackets, caused great laughter. The competitors, eleven in number, were blindfolded, and each drove a wheelbarrow in which was seated another sailor who guided his mate as to the direction he was to take by his voice. The start had barely been effected when several collisions took place, causing much diversion, and the erratic courses described by those who were fortunate enough to escape upset was equally amusing. The winner turned up in Loch and Torr, who managed to keep a fairly straight course, and a close fight for second place ensued between two other pairs, the result being: Loch and Torr (Orlando), 1; J. Bissett and mate (Orlando), 2; Leach and Sherman, 3.

Professor Carrollo's Display.—The exhibition of dumbbell practice and formations to music, by about 80 of Professor Carrollo's pupils, was one of the most pleasing items on the programme. All the party filed out in neat black and white costumes, and taking up their positions in squad opposite the grand stand, under the direction of the Professor a variety of graceful movements were gone through in splendid style and with great precision, the whole concluding with a mazy march at the double. At the conclusion of the display the performers were accorded hearty and lengthened applause.

Quarter-Mile Handicap.—This event was for local amateurs, and produced a splendid contest. A fine field of 17 were despatched to an even start, and Clarkson, Goldwater, and Atkinson were the first to show in front, but at the back of the course all had drawn up into a bunch. Turning into the straight Taylor was ahead, but Kilfoyle, coming on full of running, quickly displaced him, and though Hutchison came on the outside in grand style he could not get on terms with the leader, and only beat Taylor for second place. The result was: A. Kilfoyle, 16 yards, 1; J. P. Hutchison, scratch, 2; T. W. Taylor, 30 yards, 3. Time, 54s.

Three-Legged Race.—A great field of blue jackets contested in this event, and though many fell a keen struggle for victory took place. The result was: W. Smith and W. Sherman (Opal), 1; F. Wilson and W. Stevens (Orlando), 2; A. McKinlay and J. Lydon (Orlando), 3.

Obstacle Race (officers only).—This was a race which caused great amusement. The obstacles which had to be surmounted in a course of about 500 yards were:—First, a triple hurdle; next, a boom, erected horizontally about 15 feet from the ground, had to be climbed over by means of dangling ropes attached, then a large sail pinned securely to the ground had to be crept under, a greased inclined plank had to be scrambled up, and last, but not least, the competitors had to crawl through suspended barrels. Eight started and all got safely over the hurdles, but at the boom Baird got a good lead and running well, scrambled under or over all; the succeeding impediments, and won with a bit in hand. The result was, Baird (Opal), 1; Armstrong (Opal), 2; Corbett (Opal), 3

Half-Mile Mongolian Handicap.—This was quite a novelty to the spectators, and the sight of 25 well-built, wiry-looking Celestials filing on the ground in orthodox athletic costume was one that has perhaps never before been witnessed in any athletic meeting in Australasia. All started from scratch, and the field began to straggle rapidly. At the end of the first round Ling Chung had a good lead, and running in good style, won by about 20 yards. The result was: Ling Chung, 1; Ah Hing, 2; Ah Yuk, 3 The following were the competitors:—Ling Chung, Ah Hing, Ah Yuk, Yuh Fung, Ah Wong, Sing Him, Ah Mung, Yuk Lee, Ah Hee, Li Yung, Kong Ting, Ah Won, Sun Foo, Ah Quong, Ah Chow, Ah Kwoang, Ku Hing, Ah Ling, Ah Gang, Ah Wing, Kow Kee, and four others.

Tugs-of-War.—There were five teams entered for this contest. The first heat was between 12 stokers (Orlando) and 12 bluejackets (Opal). After a brief struggle the former hauled some of their opponents over the line but then desisted, ana the Opals taking advantage of the halt took them by surprise and reversed the verdict. Orlando's marines and Opal's bluejackets, No. 2, next measured their strength, and a good tussle resulted in favour of the former. The next heat was between Orlando's bluejackets and Lizard's bluejackets. A tough pull ensued, but the former wore their opponents down and won. After an interval the Orlando's bluejackets and Opal's bluejackets met, and a desperate struggle ensued. The former had the worst of the first portion of the tug, but clinging to their work with great tenacity at last out-stayed their opponents and won the contest amidst great cheering. The effect of their great exertions was apparent, however, when they met the team of marines from the Orlando. The soldiers were a stalwart lot of fellows, and pulling with a will, carried of the prize. They were heartily applauded by the spectators.

Three Mile Bicycle Race.—This was one of the most interesting events of the day Ten started, but Ashton fell in the first lap Selby led for the first half-mile, but Boord after running second time, displaced him, and Taylor drew up, while the field closed on the leaders, Howard and Buchanan going very strongly, and cutting down their opponents Boord shortly after ran to the front and led the field at a merry pace, and Buchanan, with Howard in close attendance, spurted page 93 strongly, and when two miles had been gone was second. The pair of scratch men then settled down in pursuit of Boord, gaining steadily, and in the last lap but one were within five yards of him. Howard then put on a magnificent burst of speed and went ahead, and led Buchanan on the back stretch. On turning into the straight he had the misfortune to lose his pedal and Buchanan passed him and won by a couple of lengths: E. G. Buchanan, scratch, 1: A. Howard, 20 yards, 2; F. Boord, 250 yards, 3. Time, 10m 29s.

1000 Yards Race.—H. N. Goldwater was the winner, leaving his field early in the second round, and finishing well in advance of his opponents. H. N. Goldwater, 45 yards, 1; R. Jeffries, 10 yards, 2; E. Clarke, 33 yards, 3.

Sack Race.—Eleven men started, and many tumbles ensued, the race eventually being won by a seaman from the Orlando.

Obstacle Race, Allcomers.—For this event over a dozen started, and all went well until the greasy inclined planks were encountered, at which many of the competitors came to grief, and Raynor, who was leading, was displaced by W. Payne, who got over at his first attempt, and securing a long lead, won easily.