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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69

Intercolonial Cricket Match

Intercolonial Cricket Match.

This match was resumed at half-past eleven a.m. to-day. The weather was all that could be desired for cricket, the sky being clear, while a slight southerly breeze pleasantly tempered the sun's rays. The wicket played far better than on the first day, and in consequence there was a good display of batting on both sides. For the home eleven Yates showed fine form, and appeared to master the Cornstalks' bowling, while Kissling played pretty cricket for his score of 39, not out. His hitting all round was very fair, and it he could only infuse more force into his strokes his play would be first-class. Fowke played steadily, and obtained his runs by sound cricket, while Stemson and Gardiner hit well and freely for their scores. In the New South Wales second innings Robinson gave a fine exhibition of batting, hitting everything very cleanly, and Youill again demonstrated that he is a sterling batsman. Joe Davis, the skipper, played a remarkably free innings, not-withstanding the fact that he was indisposed. His leg hitting was favourably commented on, and Auckland cricketers should profit by it. J. Cottam batted in taking style, while McClinchy and the genial Sid Callaway, although they did not obtain double figures, shaped nicely. In bowling Cowper and Newell were the most successful for the visitors, while McClinchy and Callaway were at times very difficult to play. J. Shepherd, although not so showy a wicket-keeper as Fowke, was very smart and safe. H. B. Lusk was by far the most successful with the ball for Auckland, and also made a fine right-handed catch off his own trundling, for which he was deservedly applauded. The Auckland first innings closed for a total of 113. The Cornstalks lost 7 wickets for 116, and then Davis declared the innings closed in hope of putting the local men out in the second innings for a small total, and thereby winning the match, however, in this he was unsuccessful, and at the call of time the Auckland men had lost 4 wickets for 70, having 6 wickets to fall, and being 102 behind the visitors. Had time per-mitted the game to be concluded, there is not the least doubt the match would have been very exciting.

The Play.

As New South Wales' eleven took the field they were greeted with a cheer. Yates and Fowke, the not outs of the previous evening, resumed their positions at the wickets. Yates took the strike from Callaway, who changed to the Hospital end. Off the third ball the United veteran scored two by a pretty cut, and followed up by putting the next past point for 2. Newell's first over from the Brewery end was a maiden, while Callaway followed suit, and Newell did ditto. In Callaway's next over Yates got a fluky 2 off the first ball, and drove the last for 1. Yates brought 50 up by driving Newell for 1, and Fowke got 1 on the same bowler by an off drive. Yates hit out at Callaway, but was beautifully caught by Clarke at forward cover. Telegraph: 54—5—35. Stemson was the incomer, and scored 1 off the first ball by a snick off Callaway. Fowke hit Newell to leg for 5 and brought Go up. In Callaway's next Fowke got 3 by a fluky cut. Newell nearly bringing off a catch, the ball going a few inches too high Stemson drove Newell hard to long-off and Cottam missing it, he obtained 4. A hit for 1 by Fowke off Callaway brought 70 up, and then Stemson drove the Carlton man for 5. The United man hit Newell to long-field for 2, and followed suit off the next, bringing 80 up. Cowper relieved Callaway, and off his first Stemson scored 2 by a leg hit. McClinchy bowled in place of Newell, and sent down a maiden. Cowper bowled a maiden, and in the first ball of McClinchy's Stemson's timbers were scattered. Telegraph: 83—6—18. Gardiner filled the breach, and scored one to square leg off the last ball of the over. Fowke skied a ball of Cowper's, which fell between the bowler and Clarke. Fowke hit McClinchy to long leg for 4, bringing 90 up, and saving the follow on. After a couple of maidens. Fowke found one of Cowper's too good ana had to retire. Telegraph: 91—7—Rees appeared in place of the wicket-keeper, and broke the ice by a short run off the Newcastle man. Gardiner skied one to short leg, but Cottam and Callaway both rushing for the catch the Carlton bowler lost it. In Cowper's next over Rees was clean bowled. Telegraph: 97—8—3. Hawkins filled the gap, and after a couple of leg-byes were run, Cowper caught and bowled him. Telegraph, 99—9—0. Kelly stepped into the vacancy, and a leg-bye brought 100 up amidst applause. Gardiner skied one from McClinchy to long on, but Robinson dropped an easy catch. Gardiner cut the Newcastle man hard for 4. and then hit the same bowler hard to square page 88 for 4, but in attempting the fifth Kelly was run out, through smart fielding on the part of Robinson and Cottam, Telegraph: 113—10—0. Gardiner (not out) 18, and the innings closed. Play was then stopped for an hour. After lunch McClinchy and Cottam appealed at the wickets for New South Wales. Mills fielded substitute for Lynch, who was absent, while Walker took the place of Yates, who, for some unexplained reason, did not field, although he was on the ground watching the match, and batted in the Auckland second innings. The Newcastle player took the strike from Rees, who trundled from the brewery end. Off the third ball McClinchy scored 1. Lusk started the bowling at the other end, and McClinchy scored 2 off the first ball by a forward square-leg hit. Cottam scored his first by a hard hit to mid-off from the lefthander. Cottam got a snide, and McClinchy drove Lusk for 2, and followed up by a single. The Newcastle man got 1 by a pretty hit to leg, and then Cottam drove Rees along the carpet for 5. The Sydney Club player drove Lusk out of bounds for 3, and then McClinchy jumped out at the same bowler, but, getting under the ball, was well taken by Gardiner. Telegraph: 17—1—7. Robinson filled the breach. Cottam stepped out to Lusk, and was stumped by Fowke. Telegraph: 17—2—10. Youill joined Robinson, ana the latter broke his duck by a pretty leg stroke for 2, and brought 20 up by a single. Robinson placed Lusk nicely to forward square leg for 2, and off the 1st ball of Rees next Youill broke the ice by a single, and in Lusk's next over Robinson got 2 tor a pretty on drive. Youill got 1 for a pretty drive off Rees, and in Lusk's next got another single to square-leg. Youill drove the left-hander along the carpet for 3, bringing 30 up, and then got a magnificent drive off Lusk for 4, and afterwards gave Mills a difficult chance at square leg, result being a single. The Carlton man drove Rees for 3, and brought 40 up by a snick for 2 off Lusk; and next ball gave Walker in the long field a hard chance, the result being 2. Kelly relieved Rees at the Newmarket end, and Robinson scored a single off the third ball, and Youill scored another off the fourth. Runs came apace owing to Robinson's agency, and 50 went up. At 54, Youill lifted Lusk to long-on, and Walker running brought off a well-judged catch. Telegraph: 54—3—21. Cowper took his club mate's place, and started the ball rolling by a single off Kelly, and Robinson got a pretty cut for 3. Several strokes to each batsman, and 60 appeared on the board. Robinson cut Kelly prettily for 2, and Cowper placed Lusk neatly to the on for a single. Neill relieved Kelly, and Robinson scored a single off the first, but the second proved too much for Cowper, and he retired, Telegraph: 68—4—5. Joe Davis, the skipper, took the Carltonite's place, and was applauded as he walked the wicket. He put the first ball neatly to long-leg for 4, bringing 70 up. Robinson hit Lusk out of the ground to square-leg for 2, and then drove 1 back very hard to the same bowler, who brought down the gallery by a brilliant right-hand catch. Telegraph: 74—5—24. The Moss Vale man, the genial Sid. Callaway, filled the vacancy; and after Davis had scored a single the Carlton player broke the egg by a single off Neill, and followed up by a drive for 2. single to the captain, and 80 appeared. He then hit Neill hard to log for 4, and followed up by a drive to the on for 2, the ball being well returned by Mills. In the next over from Neill the skipper scored 3 to leg, and Callaway got 2 by an oil-drive, bringing 90 up. He followed by an uppish stroke to the off, 3 being run. Rees resumed the bowling with the score at and Davis drove the third ball nicely for 3. Callaway was too late for one from Rees, and lost his wicket. Telegraph: 99—6—8. The Mansfield man, Clarke, took the wicket. Davis got 2 by a pretty cut, and brought 100 up. Clarke started his score by a nice drive for 1, and Davis got a pretty leg hit for 1 off the left-hander, Clarke obtained a single by a neat hit to the on, and Davis hit Rees to the long-on for 3. With the score at 109, Clarke played one back to Lusk, and retired. Telegraph: 109—7—2. Newell went in, but had scored nothing, when at 116 the New South Wales skipper declared the innings closed, and Auckland went in for their second innings. At half-past four the New South Wales team took the field, and Yates and Kissling started the batting for Auckland. Yates took the strike from Callaway, who trundled from the garden end, and started with a maiden. Newell bowled to Kissling from the Newmarket end. Yates broke the ice by a cut for two off Callaway. Davis received applause for smart fielding at joint. The play became monotonous, four maidens being sent down in succession, and then Kissling obtained 4 for a hit to square-leg off Newell. Kissling cut the same bowler for 3, and 10 appeared on the board. McClinchy relieved Newell. Kissling obtained 2 through bad fieiding on the part of Josephs. Cowper replaced Callaway, and a leg-bye was run oft the first ball. Yates hit the Newcastle bowler for 4, Robinson's shoe coining off in chasing the ball. After several maidens Yates got a drive to long-off for 5, and 20 appeared on the board. Yates scored 4 from a square-leg hit off the Carlton bowler, Clarke being applauded for the return. Kissling snicked Cowper to leg for 2 and brought 30 up, and Yates drove McClinchy's first for 3. Kissling hit Cowper to leg for 2, and Callaway went on again in place of the Newcastle man. Kissling drove Callaway hard to long-off, and in attempting to run a third Yates was run out owing to fine fielding on the part of Clarke. Telegraph: 40—1—21. The Parnell player filled the vacancy, and played the remaining balls of the Moss Vale man's over. Kissling cut Cowper for 2. Davis was again cheered for brilliant fielding at point. The Gordon skipper hit Callaway to leg for 3, and after several singles 30 went up. Newell relieved Cowper, and Gardiner cut the first for 3, and Kissling in creased his score by a leg hit for two off the same bowler. More singles, and 60 appeared on the board. Walker took Cottam's place in the field, as the latter player had injured his leg. Gardiner lifted Newell to Youill in the deep long field, and the Carlton man brought off a pretty catch. Telegraph: 61—2—6. Fowke appeared next, and Kissling gave a difficult chance to Shepherd at the wickets. Newel. page 89 appealed for Fowke lbw, and the Auckland wicket-keeper retired without scoring. 64—3 _0. Stemson came next, and Kissling cut Callaway for 3. Stemson opened his score by 2 to leg, a few singles to Kissling and 70 went up, when Newell bowled Stemson with a yorker. Telegraph: 70—4—0.

Auckland—First Innings.
R. J. Yates, c Clarke, b Callaway 35
R. Neill, c Davis, b Newell 0
H. B. Lusk, b Newell 0
D. Lynch, b Newell 0
H. P. Kissling, c Newell, b Callaway 10
J. Fowke, b Cowper 24
W. Stemson, b McClinchy 18
W. Gardiner, not out 18
A. Rees, b Cowper 3
W. Hawkins, c and b Cowper 0
F. V. Kelly, run out 0
Extras 5
Total 113
Bowling Analysis.
Balls. Mdns. Runs. Wkts.
Callaway 125 10 30 2
Newell 120 10 49 3
McClinchy 44 3 22 1
Cowper 45 4 7 3
New South Wales.—Second Innings.
W. A. McClinchy, c Gardiner, b Lusk 7
J. Cottam, stpd Fowke, b Lusk 10
H. Robinson, c and b Lusk 24
G. Youill, c Walker (sub), b Lusk 21
G. Cowper, b Neill 5
J. Davis, not out 34
Sid. Callaway, b Rees 8
A. Clarke, cand b Lusk 3
A. Newell, not out 0
Extras 4
Total 116
To bat: J. Shepherd and J. Josephs.
Bowling Analysis.
Balls. Mdns. Runs. Wkts.
A. Rees 85 4 37 1
H. B. Lusk 125 8 36 5
F. V. Kelly 75 0 17 0
R. Neill 20 0 23 1
1 no ball.
Auckland.—Second Innings.
R. J. Yates, run out 21
H. P. Kissling, not out 39
W. Gardiner, c Youill, b Newell 6
J. Fowke, lbw, Newell 0
W. Stemson, b Newell 2
Extras 2
Total 70
To bat: H. B. Lusk, R. Neill, W. Hawkins, A. Rees, F. V. Kelly, and D. Lynch.
Bowling Analysis.
Balls. Mdns. Runs. Wkts.
Callaway 70 6 20 0
Newell 39 4 19 3
McClinchy 30 1 17 0
Cowper 45 4 12

In the evening the team were the guests of the Auckland Cricket Association at a smoke concert given at the Imperial Hotel, Fort-street. There was a very large attendance of cricketers and lovers of the game, and a most enjoyable evening was spent. Mr. W. L. Rees was in the chair. The toasts honoured were as follow:—"The Queen." proposed by the Chair-man; "Our Guests," coupled with the name of Mr. J. Davis, captain of the New South Wales players, by Mr. A. E. Whitaker, who made a most appropriate speech, stating that he had enjoyed the match greatly, and only regretted that the attendance was not larger; however, he hoped the New South Welshmen would play a return match, and that they would be better patronised. Mr. Davis, in a few words, returned thanks. The game had been a very pleasant one, while he was sure all his team were enjoying their stay in Auckland. "The Auckland Team," coupled with the name of the captain, Mr. H. P. Kissling, was proposed by Mr. Shepherd, who said that the most princely hospitality had been extended to the New South Wales cricketers since their arrival in Auckland. With regard to the form shown by the local team, he ventured the opinion that there was very little to choose between the two teams, and if the same merit is possessed by the cricketers in the South, a New Zealand eleven would make a remarkably good show against the picks of New South Wales. Mr. Yates, in the unavoidable absence of Mr. Kissling, replied very briefly on behalf of the Auckland team. "The Scorers and Umpires," was proposed by Mr. H. Rees George, and responded to by Messrs. McCormick and Kenderdine. Mr. C. Davis, manager of the New South Wales team, in a short speech, proposed the health of Mr. F. C. Cheeseman, and the latter replied, saying that he hoped this visit of our cousins from across the sea, would prove the forerunner of many others.

The toast of the "New South Wales Cricket Union" and "the Southern Associations of New Zealand" was allotted to Mr. McKinney, who stated that it gave him great pleasure to meet the New South Wales players, and he was sure that their visit through this colony would be an enjoyable one. Mr. Shepherd in a happy speech replied for the New South Wales Cricket Union, while Mr. Holle returned thanks on behalf of the Southern Unions. "Cricket," coupled with the name of His Worship the Mayor (Mr. Upton), was proposed by the Chairman, and replied to by Mr. J. H. Upton. Mr. H. Robinson gave the toast of the "Auckland Cricket Association" coupled with the name of Mr. McKinney, who replied in a very happy manner. During the evening comic and sentimental songs were contributed by Messrs. J. Knox, S. Callaway, J. Cottam, R. J. Yates, E. Davis, G. Reid, Holle, and T. S. Sandes. Three cheers were given for the respective teams, and after singing "Auld Lang Syne" and "God Save the Queen" the concert broke up.