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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69



Collection, best. First prize, £4; second, £2: E. B. Houlton, 1st prize.

Collection Potatoes. First prize, £1; second, 10s W. Harris, 1st prize and highly commended; E. B Houlton, C. S. McDonald.

12 Potatoes, Round. First prize, 7s 6d; second, 2s 6d: E. B. Houlton, 1st prize; W. J. Palmer, 2nd; A. T. Good, W. Harris.

12 Potatoes, Kidney. First prize, 7s 6d; second prize, 2s 6d: H. Lipscombe, 1st prize; E. B. Houlton, 2nd; Michael Burke, H. Edmonds, W. Harris, W. J. Palmer.

12 Onions. First prize, 7s 6d; second prize, 2s 6d: W. J. Palmer, 1st prize; Michael Burke, 2nd; H. Bridgman, Michael Burke (three entries), Richard Nicholls.

Collection Salads. First prize, 7s 6d; second prize, 2s 6d: W. J. Palmer, 1st prize.

Collection Tomatoes. First prize, £1; second prize, 10s: Archibald Wilson, 1st prize; Archibald Wilson, 2nd.

12 Tomatoes. First prize, 7s 6d; second prize: 2s 6d: E. Lippiatt and Sons, 1st prize; Archibald Wilson, 2nd: Michael Burke, James Trayes, Miss Whitaker.

Collection Peas, fifty pods of each variety. First prize, 15s; second prize, 5s: W. Harris, 1st prize; Archibald Wilson.