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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 69

The Mutual Life Association's Trophies

The Mutual Life Association's Trophies.

The special boat race for the valuable trophies presented by the Mutual Life Assocation of Australasia, was held in the Auckland harbour. The race was run under the supervision of the Auckland Regatta Committee, and in accordance with the regatta rules. Mr. J. F. Haultain was starter; Mr. J. B. Graham, judge; Mr. D. H. Ross, timekeeper; Messrs. J. B. Graham, R. S. Reynolds, and E. Hodgson, handicappers. The master of the ship Canterbury, Captain McMillan, kindly permitted the use of his vessel for signalling purposes. The race, which was open to all sailing vessels from three to fifteen tons, attracted very great attention, and the sight as the fleet started off Queen-street Wharf and swept down the harbour towards the North Head under full sail was very pretty. Much interest was felt in the result of the contest, and the boats in their progress were watched by thousands of spectators on shore, and were also accompanied for some distance by other craft, one cutter, the Gannet, which was entered but could not compete (owing to the fact that her tonnage was beyond the limit), travelling the whole of the course. However, by the time the competing vessels had passed the hulk Clara Hargreaves the Spray and Matangi had a decided lead, and from this out these two vessels alternately held the premier position, the Matangi eventually finishing first, though the Spray won the race through handicap allowance

The details of the event are as follow:—

Special Handicap Race, for the Jubilee trophies presented by the Mutual Life Association of Australasia. Sailed for by vessels of three tons and up to but not exceeding fifteen tons. First prize, trophy valued at £18; second prize, trophy valued at £12. Course: From Queen-street Wharf round black and red striped buoy (first buoy round North Head), thence round hulk Clara Hargreaves, off Judge's Bay; thence round mark boat off Sugar Works, Chelsea. Twice round, finishing at Queen-street Wharf.

Spray, yacht, 7 tons, Gibbs, 6h. 21m. 12s., allowed 6½m 1
Matangi, yacht, 13 tons, Wilson and Wiseman, 6h. 19m. 3s., scratch 2
Henry, cutter, 14 tons, J. Hodgson, 6h. 32m. 51s.; allowed 5m 3
The other starters were:—Isca, 3 tons, W. R. Wilson; Maia, 3 4-5th tons, W. and D. MacCormick; Mapu, tons, Waymouth and Son; Tawera, tons, Stone and Carlaw; Sybil, 3¼ tons. Fairs and Wardell; Tangaroa, 3½ tons, T. Kilfoyle; Doris, 3 tons, G. R. Webb; Italy, G. P. Burton: Maritana, 12 tons, W. Vereker-Bindon; Manola, 3 tons, W. Holder; Mignonette, J. Gallagher; May, 6½ tons, D. Holland; Caprera, 8 tons, J. Patoni; Malvina, 3½ tons, J. T. Munro, Marsden Point; Christina, 8 tons, F. Williams: Laurina, 5 tons, F. Williams; May, 4 tons, F. Williams; Venice, 3tons, J. Lomey; Malua, 6 tons, J. Carlaw; Juvarnia, 6½ tons, J. Keys. Whangarei; May Queen, Johnson, and a few other small craft. The Transit, Awatea, Ngaira, Matea, Victory, Koroa, and Matiki, which were amongst those entered, did not compete. At ten minutes to three, Mr. Haultain sent the boats away to a good start, there being at the time a fresh S.W. breeze, and splendid weather for yachting. The Spray and Mapu, the cutter Henry, and the fishing boat May were amongst the first division as the vessels passed the Railway Wharf in a cluster, the Matangi being to leeward, and the Tawera in the rear. At the North Head, the Spray, which was carrying a balloon jib and mainsail, but no topsail, was leading, and she was first to round the Heads, the Mapu being second, but the latter unfortunately lost her jib halyards, and had to give up much of her advantage of place, and subsequently her gaff-topsail halyards were carried away. The Spray led past the lighthouse after having come from the Channel, and here the Matangi was second, with the Tawera, Henry, Christina, and Mapu next in that order, the others in single file, close together, and still behind the North Head. Oft Orakei Point, the Spray and Matangi tacked almost at the same moment, and page 82 stood in towards the hulk Clara Hargreaves, and it was then seen that the Spray had slightly increased her lead. The hulk was passed in the following order:—
H. M. S.
Spray 3 43 45
Matangi 3 46 50
Tawera 3 51 0
Then followed the Christina, Maritana, Mapu, and Henry, in the order in which they are mentioned. There was not much alteration in the places of the leading vessels as they ran up the harbour, except that the Maritana fell from fifth place, whilst the Spray gained a still further advantage of the Matangi, and when Captain Gibbs' yacht passed tbe boat off the sugar works, she had added thirty seconds' lead to that which she had held at the Clara Hargreaves. On the run down, however, the Matangi, under full sail, rapidly overhauled her opponent, and was alongside the Spray as the boats sailed past the Orlando. The Matangi was the first to reach the Victoria Wharf, where the approximate order was:—
H. M. S.
Matangi 4 44 30
Spray 4 45 0
Tawera 4 52 0
Henry 4 53 0
Christina 4 53 50
The Mapu, Maritana, and Juvarnia followed, each separated by about a minute's distance. The lead gained by the Matangi was kept round the buoy in the Rangitoto Channel, but coming up the harbour the Soray once more improved her position, and both yachts, which were sailed with great skill, were abreast off Orakei. Passing the Clara Hargreaves, the Spray was ahead of the Matangi by about seven seconds, the next in order, some distance away, being the Tawera, Henry, Christina, Mapu, Maritana, Juvarnia, and Laurina. It was now evident that so far as actual positions were concerned, the race would be decided by the leading pair, and after a good race between the Spray and Matangi, the latter was first to finish, the race, however, as already stated, being won by the Spray through the time allowance. The following shows the order of finishing of the vessels which completed the course, and shows also the handicaps:—
H. M. S. Time allowance.
Matangi 6 19 3 scratch
Spray 6 21 12 6½min.
Henry 6 32 51 5min.
Tawera 6 33 42 5½min.
Christina 6 36 19 4min.
Mapu 6 39 30 5½min.
Maritana 6 43 18 3½min.
Juvarnia 6 44 43 8min.
Manola 6 57 5 7min.
Laurina 7 0 34 4min.
Venice 7 1 43 8min.
Doris 7 3 4 10min.
Maia 7 3 20 7min.
Tangaroa 7 5 0 7min.
Isca 7 5 13 7min.
Malua 7 12 14 8min.
Sybil 7 21 32 10min.
Malvina 7 22 3 8min.